Dec 31, 2009

Happy New year!

Happy New Year to my awesome readers and supporters! You all are THE best!

Dec 29, 2009

Rob Pattinson's secret date - Rob Pattinson lead role in spiderman - ??

Well well well, the movie has been out for over a month and with the holidays and other movies some of the Twilight/New Moon fever has died down a bit.. guess that means that people need to come up with news to snag headlines when it is regarding Rob Pattinson.

Let's see.... Misleading headline:
Robert Pattinson’s Secret Date with Emilie de Ravin

Yet the article says:
Robert Pattinson is cozying up to a beautiful actress, and this time it’s not Kristen Stewart. But it’s also not what you might be thinking.

In preparation for the upcoming release of “Remember Me,” Robert Pattinson and his co-star Emilie de Ravin shot a spread for Vogue Magazine. The layout was shot at LACMA, which is a museum here in Los Angeles. The photo shoot was completely concealed and tarps covered the areas where the actors were posing, so we don’t have many more details.

Misleading? Umm.. yeah just a tad. But hey, at least they are trying to conjure up even MORE rumors about Rob as if there isn't enough already. Just wait until "Remember Me" comes out. All of a sudden there will be articles about Rob dating Emilie and how mad Kristen is and that she will need to fight for her man.. blahblahblah..

And this lovely article
Robert Pattinson Rumored to Have Snagged the Lead Role in Spider-Man 4

It is rumored that Robert Pattinson has snagged the lead role in Spider-Man 4. Actor Tobey Maguire portrayed Peter Parker, the lead character of the Spider-Man franchise, but it is rumored that he’s been replaced by Twilight star Robert. However, nothing’s confirmed yet, as there are several conflicting reports about who will be playing Spider-Man in the fourth film of the franchise.

In the official press release, Amy Pascal, Co-Chairman of Sony Pictures and Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group, announced that [Robert] Pattinson would not only be assuming the role of Peter Parker and his alter-ego, Spider-Man, in Spider-Man 4, but also in Spider-Man 5 and in a spin-off film to be announced at a later date. — via Reelz Channel
(I'd love to see this so called official announcement
However, IGN Movies reports that Tobey Maguire has already been confirmed for the title role in Spider-Man 4:

So far only Tobey Maguire has been confirmed for the starring role, although Sam Raimi told IGN that he wants Kirsten Dunst to reprise her role as Mary Jane in the sequel.

Really? Why on earth would they change the lead role of the spiderman series to Rob? That literally makes no sense. That would be like changing Edward's role after Eclipse - does that make sense? Wouldn't that send fans into a frenzy? Well same with Tobey Maguire. He IS spiderman and unless he decides he doesn't want to do it anymore - I HIGHLY doubt they would give him the boot. That franchise is a HUGE grossing film, they aren't going to F#$# with it! Think people think.

Dec 28, 2009

Robert Pattinson asks Lucie Jones out on a date - Kiss and tell?

Robert Pattinson asks X Factor's Lucie Jones out on a date

This is too odd

In an interview with Now, Lucie revealed: 'His sister got in touch and asked if I wanted to come to dinner after the Twilight Saga: New Moon premiere a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately I had to switch on the Christmas lights in Warrington on the same day! I couldn't believe I'd missed such an opportunity. I was gutted.'

However, the singer added: 'We're still in touch and we're going to go to dinner or something next week. I can't believe it - he's my dream man, I really, really fancy him. Kristen Stewart had better watch out!'

All we want to know is what on earth was the lovely Miss Jones doing cancelling a date with the Robster to turn on some Christmas lights in Warrington? (osoblog)

So, IF this is indeed true and Rob asked her to go out (date, friends, whatever) - is it classy to splash it all over the media and tell people OR is it super tacky? Why on earth would you start spewing it everywhere? Oh right.. publicity - free publicity and since Rob is being followed around like someone on the FBI's most wanted list, what better way to gain publicity for yourself then to attach yourself to him somehow! If this is true and I was Rob I'd say "um thanks, but I'm now busy."
TACKYYYYY just so classless. Oh and "Kristen, watch out?" Does that even need a commentary?

Then OK magazine (I know I know) talks about Rob and former girlfriends and whether or not they are going to spill the beans about him. Wonder why one would ask that question? Could it be to spark the interest of his ex-girlfriends to come forward? So that maybe ANY girl he's ever spoken to will come forward to tell the world what Rob is REALLY like? Rob's lovely response was (or so they say)

He told OK!: “I don’t think I’ve had anything interesting enough to warrant a kiss and tell. Although actually I’ve been surprised with some acquaintances - they’ve been saying little things that you hear about through the grapevine, and it’s like: ‘Really?! That’s who you are?’.

Like I said - random girls he's spoken to will come forward. 15 minutes of fame baby - I guess some people will get it anyway they can!

Dec 26, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to dislike Rob Pattinson .. how lovely

Nothing like the media. Build someone up so you can tear them to shreds. Like the crab theory. If you put live crabs in a box, as one tries to escape the rest grab at him and pull him back down. Similar.. Let's build up a guy to super stardom status, and then let's make sure we rip him to shreds.

Saw this stupid article which title was:
Ten reasons not to like Robert Pattinson in 2010

Are you kidding me? Ok here goes this ridiculous list

1. Admitted he didn’t wash that often.
C'mon - does anyone REALLY believe this? Doesn't anyone get this guys sense of humor yet? He is self deprecating; always making fun of himself. Do you REALLY think he would go around smelling like a dirty arse?

2. Said he wanted privacy while his PR people were telling tabloids where he was eating out.
Please - anyone believe that he wants the paparazzi to haunt him they way they do flashing cameras feet away from him face everywhere he goes?

3. Story that he was hit by a cab while escaping fans - grossly exaggerated.
As he has said himself!

4. Said he couldn’t find a date when he was seen with hot actresses all over town.
Just because he is seen hanging out with 'hot' actresses doesn't mean that he is dating them. When are people going to realize that just because you are out with someone doesn't necessarily mean you are DATING them!

5. Made the following profound observation when asked what he would like to be: “I think I'd
be a dog. The lifestyle of a dog has always fascinated me.”
Once again - his (in my opinion) dry sense of humor

6. Said he looked like “ an old Irish alcoholic” – a definite insult to Irish alcoholics who look a
lot better than beetle brows.
Sigh.. please

7. Admitted he tried out for role in sex film
This is so absurd. This was going around like wildfire.. implying that he was trying out for some XXX film. No, it wasn't that at all! And no, he didn't get a role. As an actor, that is the norm. You don't get 99% of what you audition for until of course you are at his level.

8. Jimmy Fallon imitation stressing Rob's phony 'depth' worked perfectly.
No, it really didn't.

9. Poor little rich boy. Continuous whine about why he is misunderstood, all alone etc…
meanwhile putting tens of millions on the bank.
What in the HELL does that have to do with anything. He's making money, yes. Some actors make it, some don't. All about luck - which he has spoke about himself on many occasions. Just because someone has a lot of money - doesn't mean they are not alone. I don't know his personal situation, but he has gone from zero to sixty and I still think he is trying to catch up with himself.

10. Bolted like bat from hell and screamed at bodyguards when unfortunate young fan who
has swine flu approached him. Class act. Not
I wrote about this - is it true or not? Who knows, but if someone came up to you with the swine flu or any other flu not to mention the fact that it's someone YOU DON'T KNOW, wouldn't you bolt??
(list courtesy of Irish Central)

Dec 24, 2009

Rob Pattinson gossip dies down - but don't worry!

This is funny. I came across this article that talks about November being the All Rob month or something - but the holidays came around and New Moon and Rob got forgotten about..

(FYI-unfortunately I will have to start citing where I get my information so as not to pi$$ anyone off. I didn't want to do that, not because I was stealing or making anything up, but I just didn't' want to embarrass the person(s) that wrote the article or web article. But oh well.)

Blurb from the article
November came and went and thanks to The Twilight Saga: New Moon, it was a stellar month. It was filled all things Robert Pattinson; from fresh press junket interviews, to cast sightings, to New Moon reviews and recaps. November quickly slipped into December, the holidays took front stage and our beloved obsessions with all things Twilight was forced on hold. For weeks we have been deprived of outlandish rumors, star sightings, and legit career updates, but get ready for that all to change! We have done some serious stalking and found all the dirty deets on Rob that you have been missing all month long. (

Isn't it lovely that they write they are going to do some serious stalking. How very creepy and invasive. Rob must be so thrilled to know that those people are out there ready to pounce any minute. Anyone familiar with stalking laws.. Oh right that doesn't apply to celebrities. Unless of course they are physically threatened. Good to know that it's OK for people to shove cameras in their face while screaming their name and following them everywhere they go.. that's fine, right?

And now because so many people are into vampires - this is some new jewelry that's out and about for the serious twihard.

Yummy. Wouldn't you like that for Christmas?

Anyway, hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Dec 21, 2009

Fight Over Christmas Plans / Kissing Ricky Gervais

So we had a lovely "secret" date the other night with Kristen - Yet later than night he was supposedly on another date with Katy Perry (which she put the kibosh on)

NOWWWW of course he and Kristen are fighting over where to spend Christmas!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart ‘Fight Over Christmas Plans’


ROBERT Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have come to blows over where to spend Christmas, sources claim.
(again the infamous "sources")

Rob, 23, is keen to spend the festive season with his family in London, while Stewart, 19, wants to spend the holidays in Los Angeles.

“Rob and Kristen can’t decide where to spend the holidays,” dished one loose-lipped insider. “Kristen is keen for Rob to join her in Los Angeles, but he wants to spend Christmas in London — with his family.

“Rob wants things to be as normal as possible after a crazy 12-months.
(Of course he wants things quasi normal; not sure that that needs to be said - wouldn't anyone want some semblance of normalcy after the craziness that has surrounded him ? Not sure how that is super inside info)

“Kristen is not amused.”
(What in God's name does that mean? She is not amused, at what?)

It was recently claimed that Pattinson and Stewart had been drifting apart because the hunky British star was refusing to commit to a serious relationship.
("Recently claimed" - you know since reports do not have to reveal their "sources" is it not screamingly obvious that a lot of these sources are NON-existent??.. Maybe it's just me)

“Rob doesn’t want anything heavy right now, so he really has had enough of the whole thing and is spending a lot more time with Stephanie,” a source told Britain’s Now magazine earlier this month.

“He just wants to hang out with lesser-known friends and take time out from all the craziness in his life, as it’s all got a bit too much.

(You mean .... his friends? Why does lessern-known have anything to do with it. Yes he has famous friends, but he DID have a life before Twilight, and I'm sure a set'o'friends like the rest of us & now he is getting to spend some time with them)

“Even for Rob, the attention has been overwhelming and sometimes he just wishes it could all go away.

“He’s become a lot more reclusive and there’s a growing distance between him and Kristen.”

Isn't it like watching a tennis match ? Over the net "they are seriously dating!" - back over the net - "Rob is demanding a commitment from Kristen!" - back over the net - "Rob thinks she is getting too serious!" ..... GAME ALREADY!

And this is just the wonderful humor of a man that is taking things in stride

I happen to agree with Rob on that ;)

Dec 20, 2009

Rob Pattinson on a date with (insert any random name here) ?

Thanks Colleen! - this is something I was noticing too, but this article just ticks me off.

Robsten Sneak Beach Date Before Public Partying!

Undercover lovers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted out together in Venice Beach yesterday, escaping the shutterbugs and enjoying a private date night. Take that, all you Robsten haters!
(Really? Why do they insist on calling them ROBSTEN - so stupid)

While everyone seems so hell-bent on having Rob hook up with the likes of Katy Perry (just because they're photographed at an event, please), a source spills to us that Robsten was dining at Gjelina restaurant on Abbot Kinney before scoping out the fab A. Kinney Court opening next door.

Says our insider who attended the party:
(yet another 'insider')

"Robert and Kristen were eating next door and peaked in the window after their dinner as the party was wrapping up."

We all know that Robsten likes to keep a low profile, so showing up to an event opening together where Owen Wilson, Zach Galifianakis and Olivia Wilde also were in attendance totally isn't their scene.
(Also, depending where he was going; club or bar; Kristen is still 19 - not of legal age, big deal)

But the concept fashion boutique and eyewear store totally suits Kristen's chiller style, so we know why they would take a pause to check it out. Atta girl, you tell your man to make some time for window shopping!
Really?? Her 'chiller' style? She dresses like most 19 year olds, hell like most anyone who is just relaxing! Not to mention - "tell your man??" Pu-lease!

"Kristen was wearing an old white T-shirt with her hair in a ponytail," our eyes tell us. "Rob was wearing jeans, a tee and a dark coat.
(And this is important... why?)

"It looked like they were on a nice stroll through the neighborhood. They seemed really just into hanging together."
(As apposed to what? If they were out together hanging then logic says they would be talking to each other)

So did R & K opt for some PDA since not too many people were looking?
"They weren't holding hands, but were really sweet with each other."

(Oh God, really sweet with each .. they must have been sharing a candy bar)

Every single time Rob is out with a female - BANG - they are a couple. Doesn't matter who it is - they must be a couple because clearly men & women can't go out together as friends. I mean THAT is unheard of right??

Hey guys - help me spread the word about the blog! :)

Well only if you want to haha

Dec 16, 2009

Rob Pattinson yells at a fan? - His agent and rumors - 100th post!

Boy oh Boy....

So a website published pictures of Rob simply going out with his friends to a place that I won't mention out of respect. And no, I have no inside information - just what I read and saw on this site. Like I've done before - when I comment on this outrageous behavior of nutball fans or insane paparazzi, if I come along a hotel or venue or someplace where they are going, or have gone - I won't mention it. It isn't necessary.

Anyway, Rob was going out someplace with his friends (I'm assuming friends) only to be surrounded by a bunch of slimy photographers screaming his name.. almost mockingly..saying that he was "loving this." Which is so clearly false. So from him walking out of a building, into a car to his destination they took SIXTY SEVEN pictures. SIXTY SEVEN.. Are you kidding me? The poor kid had his hat so far down covering his eyes - they took close ups of his shirt so they could comment on any imperfection.. Then there was a picture of him with (from what this article said was Stephanie, his agent) and now there are supposed rumors between the two of them being together so much.

(I covered her face out of privacy - I'm sure a million people can find it blah blah - but I don't want to be one of them to publish a private citizens face)

This was actually a post from a supposed fan:

Hmmm..Just wondering why his agent,Stephanie is always with him..Does she have to be there during outings with friends..A bit suspicious about the rumors about them..

OK, now if that is true & Stephanie is his agent & with him constantly umm.. could it be because she is one of the few people he can trust?? I mean seriously.

These were some of the headlines:
Robert Pattinson ‘Lashes Out at Sick Female Fan’
Robert Pattinson Yells at Fan

ROBERT Pattinson went crazy when a female jumped out of a stopped car and kissed him.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon hunk apparently lashed out when the teen — who planted a smooch on Rob’s lips — declared, “My mom wouldn’t pull the car over to let me out because I’m just getting over the swine flu… so I jumped out at the red light just to see you.”

According to the National Enquirer, Pattinson then shoved the girl away and ran off, while yelling over his shoulder, “You have the SWINE FLU?!… What the hell are you doing kissing anyone?”

Pattinson then found the nearest drugstore and bought himself a bottle of Listerine, which he thought would rid him of the H1N1 germs.

Rob then told his bodyguards, “You guys have got to keep these crazies away from me!”

Let me start off by saying I have NO idea if this is true or not. The National Enquierer is not always known for it's .... truthfulness. But lets suspend reality for a moment and say that it might be partially true. We have seen pictures of Rob's fans grabbing at him - I've seen a video of a girl going up to him and trying to kiss him on the mouth ... so it's not out of the realm of possibility that a girl would do this. (The whole H1N1 (or swine flu) spin on it.... well not too sure about that.) So if this happened should we be surprised that he would be upset and get mad? Yes, people say that because he is a celebrity there is a certain amount of 'harrassment' for lack of a better word, by the media. But if a guy was to do this to a woman celebrity he would be arrested on the spot for sexual harrassment or assault. Strange when it happens to a male celebrity it gets laughed off. I don't care how horny men are or how cool they think it may be to have women throwing themselves at their feet.... it would get old fast. To LITERALLY not be able to walk out a door without be accosted by constant flashing lights, and videos, and lunging at him .. I imagine that could make you go a little

Oh and this is my 100th post (big grin)

Ok I know

Dec 15, 2009

Bankable Rob Pattinson

Very interesting interview I heard online - it was actually him so I know it to be true.

He said some things that really - I'm not sure how to put it, sadden me a bit but leave me feeling indifferent.

He talks about his viability as an actor and now that he's bankable there are certain expectations that are asked of him. And frankly some are out of his control. He was saying that before Twilight he did any film offered, he could do whatever the heck he wanted because he wasn't expected to carry the film. But now he is being offered things (without having to audition) because of his economic viability. That is a huge pressure for an actor because your being held responsible for making or breaking a film. You are being scrutinized for every decision you make. And if the movie does bad it will blamed on him for .... whatever reason they come up with. Especially after doing the Twilight series it can have a negative effect and pigeon hole him into a specific character that people can't look past.

I've mentioned before that I'm an actress - just started to do independent films, extras etc. I was a theatre actress for over 20 years and decided to give this a go. And I can completely understand that, yes of course he is in a wonderful position and is most likely getting meaty, juicy roles that he would never have been offered before because he wasn't 'bankable.' But at the same time that also limits his choices because he may want to do more obscure and off the wall things to stretch himself as an actor but if he did it, it would be looked down on. It's an impossible position. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to be in a position of being offered strong roles for women but I can see the amount of stress it would put on you as an actor.

On a lighter note, they are doing some sort of ask Rob contest on Facebook. Wonder how many "will you marry me" questions he will get?

What other inappropriate questions you think will be submitted?

Dec 10, 2009

The R-Pattz Co-Star Curse Is Real! - um..'cuse me?

The R-Pattz Co-Star Curse Is Real!

Gotta love tabloid trash. Thank you to Colleen for showing me this article because this one is truly funny. Apparently Rob DOES has super human powers. No, it's not sucking the blood out of Bambi - but if you act in a movie with him, his magical powers of (and I quote) "sex appeal so utterly overwhelming" makes relationships end with a single bound! Ok, hrmm.. what shall I comment on first. Is Rob an attractive man, yes. But c'mon people, do we really think that women are that weak? Or anyone for that matter? Hollywood couples breaking up isn't exactly a new phenomenon - it happens all the damn time! Whether or not you think Rob is sexy has nothing to do with it. I mean really..

Is Robert Pattinson's sex appeal so utterly overwhelming that he's capable of destroying relationships just by co-starring with someone?

The New York Post reports that Uma Thurman, who's scheduled to share the screen with Pattinson in the upcoming romance flick Bel Ami, has split up with her fiancé, hedge fund manager Arki Busson, making Busson the latest in a long line of victims of what many (okay, so far, "we") are calling The R-Pattz Co-Star Curse.

The earliest recorded instance of The R-Pattz Co-Star Curse (copyright pending) occurred early this year, when Gentlemen Broncos actor Michael Angarano, who had been dating Pattinson's Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart, suddenly disappeared from Stewart's life with the swiftness and completeness of a Soviet dissident.

But this was just the beginning of R-Pattz's relationship-wrecking streak. Back in June, as she prepared to film the romantic comedy Remember Me with Pattinson, Lost star Emilie de Ravin announced that she was parting ways with her husband of three years, December Ends thesp Josh Janowicz. And thus, a pattern emerged.

And now, with Uma Thurman's breakup, The R-Pattz Co-Star Curse has reached out to crush yet another formerly happy relationship.

If we were The Wrestler director Darren Aranofsky—who's engaged (for now anyway) to Rachel Weisz, who'll be co-starring with Pattinson in the upcoming historical drama Unbound Captives—we'd be pretty worried right now.

Then again, given that Aranofsky is currently preparing to film an angry, aggressive sex scene between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, he might have already mentally checked out of that relationship.

Do you think The R-Pattz Co-Star curse is for real?

Not only is Rob's love life (or lack there of, whichever rag you decide to believe) continually splatted all over the media.. but now we add a layer of weirdness and spread the crap about a curse. A curse?!

I hope that some of my blog help point out the absurdity and insanity that surrounds him - but the total disrespect for him as well.

As I always say ... Leave Rob Alone people!

Dec 8, 2009

On Vacation~

Hey everyone!

I'm on vacation - but I will be updating soon!!

I'm in Disney World with the family - here is a picture of Indy Jones. It's very cute how they talk about how movies work - and what extras do. As some of you know I'm an actress trying to make it, been doing theatre for over 20 years but just started the film route. . .

Well the Indy show makes it look way more glamorous for extras - most of the time is spent SITTING AND WAITING :)

Will have a real blog update soon :)

Dec 4, 2009

Rob & Kristen - Moving in? Lick Rob or Taylor

This cracks me up!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart house hunting!
So you know how Twighlight Stars, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are in a secret romance, even though they try so hard not to be seen together? But you just know they are true loves and destined to be together forever. Well good news suckers fans, cause it looks like the two are house hunting together. An unidentified friend tells In Touch Weekly, “They’re not ready for a huge commitment, but right now the best thing to do seems to find a home with a lot of privacy and security where they can find out how compatible they really are.”

So apparently they are house hunting again. Apparently they aren't ready for a huge committment - so they are decided to MOVE IN together to see if it works... That sound ODD to anyone? Moving in together because they DON'T want a huge committment?? Really, I think it fair that sources should be outed. Because a "source" can be the maid who "supposedly" overheard the 2 talking.

Another one
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Scout for Home, to Move in Together

and another
Twilight:Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart moving in together ? {cute video of couple}

and another
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart ‘Planning to Get a House Together'
I decided to just post the titles because the articles keep saying the same old crap over and over again. Blah blah blah - house, pregnant, engaged, separated, the whole thing tickles me.

Oh and the "cute video" is once again creepy - it's pictures of the 2 of them togther as Bella and Edward mostly - then the manipulated photo where she is on the phone and he supoosedly has his arm around her. B-S.

Another one of those creepy things
Wanna Lick Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner? Read On!
(that is the title - it's CERTAINLY not me saying it!)
Do you dream of licking Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner?

The Twilight Saga: New Moon fans who who dream of Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson can now lick their favorite stars!

PEOPLE reports that the Sweet Avenue Bakery in Rutherford, N.J. if offering chocolate or vanilla cake cupcakes with edible pictures of Jacob and Edward atop the vanilla bean frosting!

The cupcakes are on sale for only $4 and the says shop specializes in gluten-free and vegan cupcakes without eggs or dairy products. These treats look yummy for more than one reason! You know you want one.
(I wonder if Rob & Taylor know they are gluten free?)

Is EVERYONE trying to make a buck of this movie?? Burger King, Volvo, underwear, now cupcakes.

Here are the cupcakes

Dec 2, 2009

Christmas For Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

It's A Cozy English Countryside Christmas For Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Now let me preface this with saying I have no idea if this article is true. My whole goal is to talk about inappropriate, rude, outlandish, off the wall, obviously invented etc., stories.

Now that that the New Moon juggernaut is slowing down, most of the cast is getting some time to relax too. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart just arrived back in L.A. last week but Rob's apparently already planning a romantic holiday getaway. According to OK! Magazine, Rob has been working on securing a cozy cottage in the English countryside where he and Kristen can spend some time alone. “He’s enlisted the help of his mom, Clare, to find a cottage where he and Kris can spend a few days together,” an insider revealed to OK! Magazine. “They [Rob's parents] think she’s perfect for Rob and told her they’d like her to join them for Christmas dinner,” the source added.

Okee dokee then. I am surprised that the article doesn't speculate Rob plans to rent a cabin with a faux bear skin rug, that has a roaring fire place, while getting ready to propose to Kristen with the 7 carat diamond he can now afford, where they will then cuddle together on their heart shaped bed.

The reason this story and this whole romance is always being written about is that people are envisioning Edward and Bella together for a cozy Christmas. Not Rob and Kristen. Hey more power to them if they are a couple - lots of people meet at work, but again it's the completely fictional romance between the two characters that have girls going crazy. I adore the the series - but they are completely fictional - the love, intensity, death defying risks etc.

It's fun to fantasize but real life - it's vastly different. Not bad at all, just different. "I can't live in a world where you don't exist" doesn't usually get spoken between people. Even though we may love our partners and can't imagine living without them.. normally people don't REALLY talk that way. May more sound like "you better never die because I'll kill you if you do!" :) Trust me I adore my husband more than anything - but there are times when you wanna... "pow right in the kisser!" (Of course you don't but you wanna!)

Back to Rob and Kristen - whether or not they are spending the holidays together, lets TRY to let them do it without flashing 17,000 bulbs in their face and spreading insane rumors about their wanting to have a love child!

Nov 29, 2009

Robert Pattinson Taking 'Twilight' To Small Screen

So this is humorous....

Rob is in negotiations to bring Twilight to TV and star in it.....????

A TV spin-off on hit movie ‘Twilight’ is said to be in the pipeline with Robert Pattinson taking his vampire character Edward Cullen to the small screen.

The actor is rumoured to have been in negotiations with executives at production firm Summit Entertainment with regard to the TV project, reports

Pattinson stands to make $1.5 million per episode if reports about his involvement with the show are true.

The TV spin-off, planned to cash in on the success of "Twilight", is expected to be launched in 2010.

Does ANYone believe this? Hasn't there been a bunch of interviews where Rob has said he is deliberately taking different roles so as to NOT pigeon hole him into playing Edward for the rest of his life?

Update 11/30
FYI - I've gotten a BUNCH of emails about this same thing, different articles talking about him bringing it to TV. I'm one of the first ones to report on this (albeit, I'm talking about what a bit fat lie it is! haha)

Nov 28, 2009

Rob and Kristen want a baby.. dear God

So here we go again ..
The rumors, lies, BS, crap-o-la ooze out like.. well I won't be gross..


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Wants a Baby
So what’s next for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart after the box office success of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”?

“Rob & Kristen Eager for Baby” announces National Enquirer.

“Great news!” the tab trumpets. “A baby ‘vampire’ will be winging its way to ‘Twilight’ co-stars – and off-screen lovers – Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.”

A “source close to the couple” tells the tabloid, “Kristen and Rob want to have kids.” “While they initially felt they were too young, those fears seem to have evaporated,” the source continues, “They feel having a baby would cement their love.”
A “close source” confides the two “would like to be married before having a baby… but if Kristen gets pregnant before they get hitched, that’s OK, too.”

“Back in July, an Australian publication claimed Kristen was pregnant… it turned out she was not pregnant… but they’re working on it.”

“The starry-eyed stars were recently snapped holding hands at a Paris airport and were seen cuddling at a concert in August,” the Enquirer whispers.

Uh huh.. This is too silly to even comment. But you know me - I will.

Yes, can you see this ? The ever so consistent "close source" reveals.. It's amazing to me how much this source gets around. Never showing their face, and only talking to OK, Star and the National Enquirer. Amazing.

Wasn't there already a Kristen and Rob pregnancy rumor? Yes there was, yet when the tiny Kristen's belly stayed tiny - well I guess that rumor was forgotten about. Yet - here we go again! But the difference here is they aren't saying she is .. they are saying that they want to / and are trying. Now that is good. It opens up a whole huge possibly of new rumors involving miscarriages, fertility issues etc., anything to keep the rumor going with out her having to get bigger. Smart tabloids.. (oxymoron, yes, I'm aware)

As for me.. the finger is healing.. slowly. Still stings to type, but what can you do. As for my acting career. Oy.. I need to be in the right place at the right time. Talent has nada to do with it - I actually am a good actress... but that and a $1 will get me.. well not much.

Send me some good vibes!

Thanks for continuing to read. Means the world to me. And who knows maybe RPatz (God I hate that) will read this too and get a chuckle, realize how brilliant I am and get me a role!

Yes then I woke up.. haha :)

Nov 25, 2009

A time line for Rob

Ok all!
I have to apologize for being so behind with the updates. But to type it REALLY hurts the fingers I squished in the garage door. But I'm muddling through today as it's slowly getting better :).

Okee dokee - big thank you to Colleen for sending me this article!

This is what Rob, Kristen and to a lesser extent Taylor has had to put up with since Twilight came out:

Jan. 6 -- Robert Pattinson's "backup plan" is to launch a music career.

Jan. 16 -- 'Twilight' producers got upset that Robert Pattinson cut his hair.

Jan. 21 -- Robert Pattinson is reveling in his newfound fame by drinking up and hitting on ladies in London pubs.

Jan. 26 -- Robert Pattinson believes in love at first sight; He often falls head over heels for girls he meets on the street.

Feb. 9 -- Robert Pattinson once took a female stalker out to dinner.

Feb. 17 -- Robert Pattinson finds screaming fans "bizarre" and is convinced that some people use his fame as an excuse to act like maniacs

Feb. 20 -- Robert Pattinson still goes through his own fan mail, even though he fears receiving death threats.

Feb. 24 -- Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are friends, not lovers; Stewart says she's dating 20-year-old actor Michael Angarano.

Feb. 27 -- Hugh Jackman and Robert Pattinson teamed up for a karaoke duet.

March 4 -- Taylor Lautner has been banned from dating until he's 28, by order of his father.

March 13 -- Robert Pattinson has been getting very cozy with Megan Fox.

March 25 -- Robert Pattinson is driving the cast and crew of 'New Moon' crazy with his "awful" stench because he hates showering.

March 27 -- Robert Pattinson has hired Canadian Mounties to protect him from his female fans while filming 'New Moon.'

April 9 -- Robert Pattinson once went to great lengths to land the role of a transsexual prostitute.

April 21 – Robert Pattinson reveals he got expelled from his school at age 12.

May 4 -- Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez are "just friends," saying just because they hang out doesn't mean they're dating.

May 8 -- Robert Pattinson is infatuated with a Canadian stripper, paying her for lap dances whenever he can.

May 14 -- Kristen Stewart rejected boyfriend Michael Angarano's on-set marriage proposal.

May 21 -- Robert Pattinson has introduced Kristen Stewart to his parents, fueling speculation that the two are dating.

June 5 -- Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart snuck out of the MTV Movie Awards a little early to dine alone.

June 5 -- The producers of 'New Moon' want Robert Pattinson to cut down on his drinking and clubbing, so they told him he needs to hit the gym every night.

June 10 – Robert Pattinson has been secretly seeing Joe Jonas' girlfriend Camilla Belle.

June 11 -- Robert Pattinson has given Kristen Stewart an ultimatum -- dump her boyfriend and get serious or he walks.

June 12 -- Kristen Stewart has dumped boyfriend Michael Angarano. Did the ultimatum Robert Pattinson give her work?

June 16 -- Robert Pattinson has been getting advice from Brad Pitt about how to keep his relationship with Kristen Stewart a secret.

June 17 -- Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been dating for "awhile" but kept it under wraps. He went "crazy" for her when they first met, but their love's been hampered by constant media attention.

June 18 -- Now that "the chase" of landing Kristen Stewart is over, Robert Pattinson is getting bored.

June 22 -- Reports of story that Kristen Stewart was cheating on Robert Pattinson with Russell Brand not true.

June 25 -- Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin have been flirting on the set of their new movie, causing Kristen Stewart to "flip out."

June 26 -- 'Twilight' fans are bombarding Kristen Stewart with hate mail accusing her of cheating on Robert Pattinson.

June 30 -- Joan Jett made Kristen Stewart cry on the set of the upcoming Runaways biopic.

July 1 -- Taylor Lautner is "desperate" for a girlfriend.

July 1 -- Robert Pattinson went unnoticed at a NYC club while watching the band Jump into the Gospel perform.

July 7 -- Kristen Stewart is pregnant! With Robert Pattinson's baby!

July 8 -- Kristen Stewart is annoyed by reports that she's pregnant with Robert Pattinson's baby.

July 9 -- Robert Pattinson dumped Kristen Stewart for Emilie de Ravin; the two got friendly on the set of their new movie while Stewart was miles away

July 17 -- Robert Pattinson admitted he only auditioned for 'Twilight' because he had a crush on Kristen Stewart.

July 23 -- Kristen Stewart is sick of Robert Pattinson's womanizing ways, so she's demanding that he stop seeing other people ASAP.

July 27 -- Crew on the set 'Remember Me,' think Robert Pattinson is "obnoxious"; he rubs co-workers the wrong way by ignoring fans, expecting special treatment and barking orders "like he's a king."

July 28 -- Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson spend three hours in the back of a limo at Comic-Con; also spotted holed up at the Hard Rock Hotel one night.

July 30 -- Taylor Lautner ruined his budding romance with Selena Gomez by cheating on her with 'Zoey 101' actress Victoria Justice.

July 31 – Kristen Stewart caught drinking beers on the set of 'The Runaways.'

Aug. 3 -- Kristen Dunst has been sending Robert Pattinson flirty text messages.

Aug. 5 -- Robert Pattinson has reveals that he's single after reportedly being dumped by Kristen Stewart.

Aug. 7 -- Even though Robert Pattinson says he's 100% single, he's caught speeding away from "very good friend" Kristen Stewart's house in the morning.

Aug. 13 -- Robert Pattinson is worried Kristen Stewart might fall for newly buff Taylor Lautner.

Aug. 14 -- Kristen Stewart laughs off reports that she's carrying Robert Pattinson's baby, but still gets very emotional on set, occasionally breaking down over the stress of a scene.

Aug. 17 – Back on set together, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner went out partying together before R-Pattz and K-Stew broke away to go to a Kings of Leon concert.

Aug. 18 -- Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are planning to move in together once they finish filming the final installment of the trilogy.

Aug. 28 -- Kriste Stewart has eye on $3 million love nest for she and Robert Pattinson.

Sept. 3 -- Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are engaged!

Sept. 4 -- The cast of the latest 'Twilight' movie is growing increasingly "uncomfortable" with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's constant PDA.

Sept. 9 -- Producers of 'Twilight' have warned Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to stay mum on their relationship for fear confirmation would destroy the franchise.

Sept. 10 -- Robert Pattinson is so into Kristen Stewart that he's alienating himself from friends so he can spend all his free time with her.

Sept. 14 -- Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are desperate for some alone time.

Sept. 15 -- Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are ready to go public with their romance.

Sept. 17 -- Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are planning the "Wedding of the Year."

Sept. 18 -- Poor Michael Angarano is still holding out hope that he and ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart will reunite

Sept. 29 -- Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are having a tough time adjusting to fame

Oct. 2 -- Kristen Stewart has alienated herself from the 'Twilight' cast and crew

Oct. 5 -- Rob Pattinson may play Prince Harry in upcoming movie

Oct. 13 -- Robert Pattinson says he can't land a date

Oct. 14 – Movie co-stars Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift spotted in "locked in a long embrace" after one of Swift's shows.

Oct. 16 -- Emilie de Ravin has reconciled with her estranged husband after being left "devastated" when Robert Pattinson got back together with Kristen Stewart.

Oct. 21 – Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart sharing an entire floor of suites in Vancouver

Oct. 27 – Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift seen leaving hotel room together.

Oct. 29 – It's over for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

Nov. 3 -- Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart spent the night together at Chateau Marmont.

Nov. 4 – Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart calling each "wife" and "husband" on set of 'Eclipse.'

Nov. 4 -- Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart stay apart to squash romance rumors.

Nov. 9 – Robert Pattinson has pregnancy scare.

Nov. 11 – Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart photgraphed holding hands in London, fist reported sighting of PDA.

Nov. 12 -- Robert Pattinson may quit if he can't handle fame.

Nov. 13 – Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart romance confirmed by 'Twilight' director Catherine Hardwicke.

Nov. 20 -- 'New Moon' opens.

Amazing isn't it? All of these articles and rumors and hearsay... How he has not cracked under the pressure amazes me.

Still haven't seen New Moon yet.. is it good?

Nov 24, 2009

Will return soon!

Sorry it's been so long. It's so hard to type with a broken finger - I'll be updating today!

Nov 18, 2009

Kristen - Rob - Stories, Hospitals & Ryan Seacrest

ok let me start off by saying this will take me a while to type - I broke my finger in Sunday so it is hard to type - argh

Thanks to Colleen I have more article to comment on.. first one is by OK magazine (big surprise)

In OK!’s official New Moon collector’s edition, check out the cast’s promotional trip through Europe. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart greet fans in the most romantic cities, celebrating their love publicly for the first time. Read on to get a timeline of their love story – including photos of the two meeting each other’s parents and holding hands in Paris.

Robert Pattinson Poster Causes Hospitalization?!

Yep, things got a little crazy among 300 fans who had won tickets to London's world premiere of Robsessed, the documentary about, who else, Rob. Free posters were being passed out to fans and when it came down to the last poster, it became extremely brutal between two girls. An eyewitness said:

A massive fight broke out between two girls over the last poster. There was a lot of pushing and shoving, everyone was crowding around them. I heard gasps as one of the girls fell on the floor, she was in terrible pain and had twisted her arm — she was screaming for help. The poster had been ripped in two.

The girl was so badly hurt that she had to be taken to the hospital and missed the premiere!

Girls will do ANYTHING to get a piece of Rob!

Yes, of course lets make this a big deal.. It's the girls who should feel like idiots, nothing to do with Rob. I feel bad for the girl that got hurt, the 2 fighting should have been arrested to teach them a lesson.

And lastly, Ryan Seacrest irks the heck out of me. I find him conceited and pompous - well this interview proves me right. All the tabloids being sneaky, and tacky doesn't surprise me - but for him to ask Rob about him and Kristen = cheesy and classless.

Nov 15, 2009

Rob affraid of HIV? WHAT?!

C'MON! This article even has supposed quotes. I find it very hard to believe this.

Robert Pattinson Fears HIV


The British actor — famed for playing vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie franchise — often fears his life is on the line when he’s out in public.

“People ask me to bite them and want to touch my hair. I just don’t want someone to have a needle and give me HIV and I don’t want to get shot or stabbed,” Britain’s News of The World newspaper quotes him as saying.

Maybe he did say that - but is it me or does that seem way off base for him to say? Doesn't seem like something he would say. Ok, once again, I do not know the man from a hole in the wall, but really? Would he say he's afraid someone was going to stab him with a needle and give him HIV? I don't know what this Britain magazine is - but why oh why does it scream to me that it's National Enquirer'ish' ??

The actor, 23, then went onto explain his fans’ weird behavior at the London premiere of Twilight sequel New Moon, which hits theaters November 20.
“There were girls who had scratched the side of their necks, so they were freshly bleeding when they came up to get a signature. They were like, ‘We did this for you’. I didn’t know what to say. ‘Thank you, guys?’” he said.

That quote above, I read ages ago! So I feel the are taking a word here and phrase there and putting it together to make this silly article. Now granted, girls running up to him with open neck wounds, bleeding is cause for concern because clearly the girls have some serious ISSUES and well, it's just nasty as all.. (gag).

Got a great tip on a, well not sure what to call this kind of person... twitter'er? A fan doesn't quite describe this person .. rabid fan seems to be more approprite. It is amazing what some people will write about for the whole world to see. Things they would like to do, see, have etc., to certain people for example... ROB PATTINSON. Imagine reading this crap about yourself - what people would like to DO to you? People you don't know ?? Is it me or does that scream - CA-REEPY!

Nov 13, 2009

Robert Pattinson May Quit if He Can’t Handle Fame

New article - from our every so reliable OK magazine (this time the British version).

Robert Pattinson May Quit if He Can’t Handle Fame

This is very odd - because the article contradicts the title.
(Thanks Colleen!!)


Robert Pattinson isn’t a fan of fame as of just yet, speaking candidly to OK! sister mag in England about he’ll quit if he can’t handle the spotlight. Say it ain’t so, R-Pattz!

Rob spoke with the British OK! during his visit to London and opened up about his struggle with life in the spotlight.

“I was kind of trapped while filming Eclipse, but there’s always ways and there’s always places where you can disappear to,” R-Pattz explained to OK! UK.
“It just involves a bit more thought and you can’t wander around willy-nilly.”

Rob is only 23, but is easily the hottest actor on the planet since becoming Edward Cullen.
But when he spoke to OK! UK he hinted that acting might not be his thing anymore if he can’t learn to deal with the life in the spotlight.

“If I’m still stuck in a hotel room in 10 years time and I haven’t figured out another way to deal with it, then I would be annoyed,” he explains.”
“I don’t really think about [fame]. I just want to see what it’s really like in two to three years.”

Not even REMOTELY does that HINT that he would quit acting, c'mon! He jokes - CLEARLY jokes that if he's stuck in a hotel in 10 years he will be "annoyed" .. which um yeah so would I, but I don't think that will be the case in 10 years. But that's not even the point! He mentions fame is difficult but please oh please will someone tell me WHERE it says 'MAY QUIT' ????

Maybe it's written in code... we need a secret color light and map to figure it out!

Nov 12, 2009

Kellan Lutz

Hey everyone

Just thought this was cool. I'm booked today at a job and the building I'm booked in has a radio station upstairs from me. Well I was just having coffee standing at the window and who walks out of a escalade? Kellan Lutz - all in black. There were 4 people in the parking lot which wasn't bad.

Thought you would all fine that interesting. I'll see if I can get a glimpse of him as he's leaving the interview. He looked very nice, all dressed very nicely in black.


Nov 11, 2009

Rob and Kristen picture .. of course "proof?"

Ok sooo thank you to Zilma for an interesting article.

So now everyone says there is PROOF that Kristen and Rob are together.

Whether or not this is proof - or just 2 friends walking together is irrelevant. You know what? They are 2 normal people. They happen to play the characters of a very intense book, but they aren't REALLY Edward and Bella. If people would realize that - this story would be far less exciting! They may be in a relationship - and if they are.... then what? Will something change?
Fireworks? Explosions? World Peace?
Nope - just 2 young peeps dating... woweee.
But then there is this photo below...
Maybe Peter is leaving his wife and going to start date Kellan?

Nov 9, 2009

Rob puffs with new girl - oh no not that!

Robert Pattinson Smokes Cigarette with Mysterious New Girlfriend

That's the headline with this picture

The article is not worth posting - not even a blurb. Just trashing him about smoking, and being with the new mystery girl.. blahddy blahddy blah. I seriously just want to squeeze these people lips together and say SHUDDUP!

More to come!

Nov 6, 2009

Rob Pattinson stories - so many ! Humping - to EFF off'ing

I must start out with (once again) apologizing for being so scarce with the updates. Baby (once again) double ear infection & the hubby was away on a business trip.... oy!

Ok - the first one I want to talk about was sent to me by a great reader Giulia - thank you!

This article is cleeearly a spoof. Now even though it's a spoof - it's so nasty and Ca-reepy.

Depressed about his recent breakup with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson has taken to humping pillows.

(warning people - this is really disturbing and so freakin' stupid)

According to sources, Pattinson checked himself in to a Motel 6 in Valencia, CA on Friday. Since then, other motel guests have been complaining about the loud sobbing that comes from Pattinson’s room at all hours of the night. The only time the crying seems to stop is during one of Pattinson’s vigorous pillow-humping sessions, which happen three-to-four times a day, and last for about five-to-seven minutes each.

During the hump sessions, guests and staff members can clearly hear Pattinson’s bed creaking violently while the star yells out at the top of his lungs, “I am humping a pillow.”

Pattinson reportedly comes out of his room for 10 minutes each day in order to allow the housekeeping staff to replace his soiled pillowcases, and to stock up on Lipton Cup O Soups from the motel vending machine.Motel workers who have seem the inside of the room say it looks like a war zone, with empty Cup O Soups strewn about and the palpable stench of semen and tears lingering in the air.

Not much to say about this silly article. Like I said clearly a spoof - but really a poorly written one. It's very easy to make 'poop' jokes as I like to refer to them as. When a comedian is stuck they usually go to bathroom humor because it's an easy laugh. This writer clearly went for the 'easy' joke - when in fact, I think it fails miserably. It's nasty, explicit and clearly disrespectful to the actor. We know that they aren't being serious - but to say things like this person said.. is just plain disturbing. 'nuff said? yah, I think so..

Perez Hilton

I think that man is a hypocritical a$$.

(Pic from his site)

We don't even like to look at her, but it's even worse when she opens her mouth!
During a roundtable discussion for Entertainment Weekly, Kristen Stewart got all riled up about the romance rumors between her and Robert Pattinson.
She says:
“I probably would’ve answered it if people hadn’t made such a big deal about it. But I’m not going to give the fiending an answer. I know that people are really funny about ‘Well, you chose to be an actor, why don’t you just f—ing give your whole life away?! Can I have your firstborn child?’”
Let's not get too dramatic, K-Stew!
We don't want your offspring, we just want to know who you're boning!

I am not a big fan of this guy who makes his living off of trashing, mocking, and all around being disrespectful to a ton of people - yet he is the same guy who was all up in arms when during the Miss America Pageant the girl answered a specific question about marriage she stated that she believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman - and he was ALL offended.
Whether or not you support gay marriage or are against it, she has every right to state her opinion, not matter what others believe. (I happen to disagree with her - and am pro gay marriage). But the point is - how can you be SO offended by someone, yet the things he says are FAR worse and more disrespectful. And an example is what he says about Kristen Stewart - "we don't like to even look at her.." blah blah blah.. After ALL the rumors, scrutiny, analyzing, misinformation etc., that has happened to them in the past year - you think maybe she has a right to be a little SICK of the question?

Perez can be so rude and inappropriate and usually I just ignore him, but this came to my attention and just annoyed me.

and he closes it out like this

Seriously R-Patz comes off so self-deprecatingly adorable in interviews while KStew always sounds like such a shrew!

How nice of him, don't you think? She's a 19 year old girl who has been pushed into the media express train getting everything from pregnancy rumors to wedding etc.. yet because she isn't being all cutesy and she is actually a girl with a backbone, it means she's a "shrew."


Nov 2, 2009

Rob jealous of co-stars? (what again?) AND What Drives Edward?

Unbelievable oh wait.. with all the crap-o-la I've read about him.. it IS believable.

Robert Pattinson threatened by co-stars' success?

Despite his staggering success as the certified break out star of the “Twilight” film franchise, actor Robert Pattinson is still threatened by his co-stars.
Sources tell Fox411 exclusively that Pattinson is not a fan of sharing the spotlight and that he even refused to host “Saturday Night Live” along with his “New Moon” costars Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz.
"Rob is threatened by Kellan and Taylor because he knows he's not the only hottie in the 'Twilight' series," says the source. "When SNL approached him to host he was excited - until he found out he would be hosting with Kellan and Taylor. Rob was used to being the only star associated with ‘Twilight’ and now with Taylor's new buff body and Kellan's rise to fame, that's not the case anymore. He doesn't want to share the stage with them on ‘SNL’ because he doesn't think they are serious actors like him and doesn't believe they are on the same level."

Does anyone believe this? Why oh why would he be jealous? There has been quite a few articles now claiming he's jealous of the others.. C'mon people, like I've said before - the poor guy can't sneeze without the paparazzi wiping his nose! I'm sure he'd LOVE for others to take some of the heat.

And from the same article:

Indeed, in a new interview with Vanity Fair magazine, Pattinson opened up about his appearance and revealed some seriously low self esteem, comparing his looks to that of a “cartoon character.” “I’m unbearably self-conscious about stuff,” he told Vanity Fair.

Sooooo he's completely jealous and wants all the spotlight - yet - at the same time he has very low self esteem. The 2 don't go together now do they. From all of his interviews and his body language, it seems to me that he is extremely awkward and not comfy with the attention he gets. Do I know him? No. Am I an expert? (Hell) No. But I am human being and can see when someone LOVES the attention and people kissing their ass (i.e. Paris Hilton) and someone who ain't so comfy with it.
And once again, it's sources tell .. blah blah blah..

Ok this is funny! Everyone is jumping on the Twilight success train. This is so typical and I guess it's genius too.

Go to

You tell me what you think

Oct 30, 2009

Want Robert Pattinson In Your Panties? - OH MY GOD

In my research for the most absurd and inappropriate etc., articles - I came across this headline..
Want Robert Pattinson In Your Panties?
And the pictures that went along with it ....

If the picture above isn't disturbing enough...

A picture of his MOUTH in the crotch of the underwear.... I don't even know where to start on this!

First of all ... EW!

Second of all ... His MOTHER (you know) will see this & he then HE will know she saw it ! Embarrassment ALL around. Plus all his friends... just disturbing.

And what Mom will buy those for their daughter?

For any of you hoping to get RPattz to venture underneath your pants, these customized panties featuring the actor in his most famous role to date would be right up your alley.

I'm under the impression that these are not actually going to be mass produced - and we all breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Once again - big shout out to Colleen!

So in my last article OK magazine reported that Kristen and Rob broke up. Well Colleen found this article:

Rob and Kristen Holed Up at Chateau Marmont!


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart wasted no time, um, possibly getting to business, once they landed in L.A. yesterday. Think they're finally answering our pleas to show us all a li'l more kissy stuff?
After they wrapped Eclipse early Thursday morning, the duo left Vancouver only to check in to the Chateau Marmont together yesterday afternoon.
Check it out:
A source close to the couple (insert rolling eyes here) tells us that Rob and Kristen were driven into Chateau's private valet Thursday evening.
"They went straight up to a room," says a hotel source. "No one saw them the rest of the night."
Why are we not surprised?

I love the innuendos (insert sarcasm here). "getting to business" - "show us all a li'l more kissy stuff" .... Don't you feel all warm and fuzzy?

Oh My God - I was just searching a website I use to get a little graphic that says Happy Halloween.. and one of the graphics that came up was this:

How? Huh? Really??


Oct 28, 2009

It’s Over for Rob & Kristen

OK! EXCLUSIVE: It’s Over for Rob & Kristen

Uh huh....

So here we go (Thank you Colleen!)

According to a friend of the couple, R-Pattz has been getting too serious too quickly for the likes of 19-year-old Kristen.
“Rob was talking marriage,” says the source, who explains that the relationship was also stealing all of Kristen’s attention and keeping her from spending time with her friends and family. “She told him they need to take a break.”

Boy this magazine must have secret people stashed all over the place to get these stories they get. I mean wow this magazine must be credible, no?

Let's look at previous OK magazine covers, shall we?