Jun 30, 2009

Vilify Rob Pattinson, the next logical step

This is the article:

Robert Pattinson Sure Loves The Kids

Wait Rob, what are you doing?
Robert Pattinson was spotted filming his new movie Remember Me in Central Park earlier today. In these new pics, you can see RPattz riding a bike and relaxing and chatting with children. You can also see that he is smoking IN FRONT of these kids, and then puts out his cigarette on the beloved bronze statue of the White Rabbit's head from Alice In Wonderland.
We sure hope this is in the script.

They love him - they hate him - they praise him - they vilify him.. never ends.

Ok so 'they' get pictures of him in Central Park - smoking and chatting with kids. Now when have you seen him relaxing out in the open without 4 or 5 body guards around him? Wouldn't logic say that he is filming a scene? And that these kids, most likely are part of the scene? Hey I could be completely wrong but NONE of the pictures we have been bombarded with have him out and about relaxing. He is either shooting a scene or being rushed off with his protectors around him.

And.. about them saying how evil his is for putting the cigarette out on the beloved bronze statue ..this is the picture close up..

You can CLEARLY see it isn't lit - no smoke - no red at the tip.. he's probably acting.. er um.. let me make this simpler .. he's PRETENDING to either tap it on the head of the rabbit as if to pack it OR PRETENDING to put it out on the rabbit's head.

Rob Pattinson - spotted with crack.. (rolling eyes)

Yes this is the picture that was attached to the headline "Rob Pattinson - Spotted with crack." Don't you love how this specific website - to get viewers / readers - has this splashed across their website? I also saw it on their tabloid TV show too.

I have a good idea, let's start a rumor that Rob is doing crack, that's a great idea don't you think?

Clearly they are referring to his pants slipping down a bit while he is taking he shoes off to go through security at an airport. But tell me, is that appropriate either? Rob can't blink without it being photographed.. so now this lovely picture (that I put the stop sign on myself) was circulating with the tag line that he was spotted with crack. Problem with that is - some people won't read the article and just assume that he was spotted with drugs. But the 2nd problem is - people will read the article and because tabloid journalists have zero boundaries and no problem taking pictures of people in embarrassing positions - this is what people will see. The poor guy trying to live his life, getting through security like we all do when going on a plane. Yet because he bent over and his pants slipped a tad - WHOA STOP THE PRESS!!

Imagine your whole life being documented. Every corner your turn, every store you go into, every minute you are walking and think no one is looking at you. God forbid you sneeze, trip, pass gas, pick your nose or do all the other things that normal people do on occasion that they would rather the WORLD not witness.

I've read some of the statements from writers saying "he gave up his right to privacy when he became famous." That's intelligent. Not sure how to approach that. I understand that they lose a bit of anonymity - but to think they deserve this level of attention just because they decided to become entertainers, baffles me. Somehow people justify what they are doing is totally ok because he is a celebrity and that it gives everyone the right to take pictures of him 1 inch from his face, grab him around the throat as he walks down the street, stalk him in bushes to see how many horribly embarrassing shots they can get of him or if they can get him doing something bad...

I'd love to follow some of these people around and see what we discover. I think we should start a website called "Following the Followers," and see what their reactions are, what do you think?
We should all turn on the paparazzi and start just snapping pictures in their face and when the swat us away cry "I'M GOING TO SUE!!"

Jun 29, 2009

Robert Pattinson - Magazine covers galore!

I am sure that the media is determined to ruin Rob (and Kristen's) chances of reaching their potential. All this over saturated media attention is not going to help their careers. Especially this type of publicity. It's only going to hurt it.
"Yes their in Love!" - "Back on!"
Can someone PA-LEASE give me a break.
But don't forget there is a million speculations a day that Rob is now with his new co-star Emilie. I wonder why he wasn't linked to Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)? I mean he was in a movie with him, right?
Back in the 80's they had something known as "The Brat Pack" - as most of you may (or may not) know it was Molly Ringwold, Judd Nelson, Demi Moore, Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Ally Sheedy and some others. It was a label that the media coined to call this young group of actors that were doing lots of movies and doing it well.
That name stuck with them and really made it hard for some of them to continue working successfully, for a while. The stories that were made up - or severely exaggerated made life for them quiet difficult especially in Hollywood. Now mind you that was before the Internet. Now that the media has 15,000 different ways to get info to people... well, I think you see what it does.
The media that makes up names for people they think are together or are in fact together, makes me insane. It's as if they are not 2 separate people anymore but one entity. i.e. Brangelina, TomKat, etc. Now simply because Rob and Kristen were in a movie together and played love interests they are now branded with Robsten..
Certain forms of media (sadly) couldn't care less if they are causing harm, potential harm or damage to celebrities or their careers .. and so on. As long as they get their 'million dollar shot' - it's worth it to them.

Obnoxious isn't it...

Jun 27, 2009

Film Locations website!

Are you freakin' kidding me?
Someone (lots of 'someones' out there aren't there?) set up a website solely dedicated to telling people WHERE celebrities will be filming and what times!? Is it just me, or is this extremely stalker'ish?? I mean seriously.. think about it.. if someone was posting information about YOU online as to your EXACT where abouts and the TIME you'd be there ... wouldn't you call the police? That (to me) is SUPER dangerous. Do people remember that just a few days ago Rob was (albeit not severe) clipped by a car (supposedly) due to out of control fans?

And we can't forget this:

It is UNSAFE for people to post his or ANYONE'S where about's on the internet. There are freaky deeks out there. (Clearly as you can see from above)

I must say, I have heard from MANY wonderful fans of Rob's are thanking me for starting this blog. I am so overwhelmed and thankful for all of the support I'm getting. You all are the best, and I truly thank you. Because of that, it has become very clear to me that there are many normal, sweet and caring fans of his that are just as concerned about this poor guy as I have. I originally thought it must be a Mom thing , but not all of the people that have either posted or emailed me are Mom's .. so it's clearly a HUMAN thing. A lot of us realize that this is too much for anyone to take.

This website states this (of course I'll **** out the info for obvious reasons):

Remember Me is on ******** Street, *** in *****, *am – *pm 6.29, signs spotted between **** and *****.
Remember Me is filming on **** and ***** (shoot may be in **********) on 6.30.

As you can see - it tells where he (not to mention the rest of the crew & actors) will be and what time.

THAT is dangerous and irresponsible (in my opinion).

Robert Pattinson as 007

This is what came to me during the night in an email alert:

Oh, James! Robert Pattinson as 007? He should be banned, not Bond
Apparently, Robert Pattinson wants to play superspy and ulitimate cool lady's man James Bond sometime in the near future.

That's the beginning of the article. Apparently "someone" has the inside scoop that Rob wants to play 007. ("someone" is in quotes - because that someone is probably some yahoo that made this enormous leap due to the fact Rob is in a movie with Pierce right now..)

Yet, whoever this "someone" is decides to rip Rob to shreds in the article. See below:

Lets face it, Pattionson allegedly doesn't wash too often -- and grunge doesn't work for Bond. Can you imagine our cool, clean hero putting off the bad guys with his body odor?
An as for that big shock of hair, it wouldn't work for Bond at all. Look at Pierce at the height of his Bond days, the short-back-and sides look defines James Bond. Roger Moore had it too, and so did the ultimate, Scotsman Sean Connery.

It continues..
Then there's the action part. Brosnan did most of his own stunts -- incredible stuff in the high-risk arena, can-you-beat-this, Bond genre. Pattinson had to use a body double in "Twilight" for some very tame stunts indeed. Evel Knievel he ain't, although did perform his own "stunt" the other day -- getting clipped by a cab as he fled from a gaggle of evil supervillains (teenage girls).

This is just great. Let's rip Rob to shreds on a part he probably has NEVER said he wants and continue to discredit him and perpetuate the RUMORS of him smelling. Which all that talk regarding his hygiene was BS ... he joked about it in an interview and the online & tabloid rags ran with it. I mean seriously .. do you really think that he is going to walk around smelling like a$$?

And onward to his stunt double in Twilight & the fact that he didn't do most of his stunts. Oookkk... um... that is what a stunt double is for.. they are trained on how to fall, how to do all this weird $hit that is required to do in movies. Why on EARTH would you criticize someone for not wanting to go through a window and hit a wall that crumbles all around him. He didn't play a human character - he played a vampire that tore up floors and smashed through buildings! Ouch... Even Cam Gigandet used a stunt double for some of the more PUMMELING scenes. But yet when Rob does it - then of course he is a wuss, right? GA-IVE me a break!

Of course, lets make fun of the fact that there was a crowd of FANS that were chasing after him and it led him into the street where he got clipped by a taxi. That's really funny isn't it? I mean he's either going to be mauled by girls - or run over by a car. That's really funny... NOT.

It cracks me up how people can say "He couldn't because..." or "No way Rob could do that because..." Do these journalists... (journalists? no no no... bad word choice) I mean do these tabloid ding dongs realize that it's called ACTING for a reason? Rob is an actor.. last I checked he wasn't REALLY a animal sucking vampire or a wizard.. he was just pretending.. which is another word for acting. So don't gimme this BS that he can't - she can't - they don't look the part... blah blah blah .. they are actors. If they fit and it works - they CAN do it. Right now I'm playing a part of a woman that is permanently on crutches.. it's not REAL .. I am pretending! I feel I need to dumb it down for those tabloid writers.. oye!

And all of this is speculation anyway because (very doubtfully) who knows if Rob ever even said that!

Jun 26, 2009

"Pregnancy for Twilights Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart" - The rumors continue

Yup that's what it says! This is what I found in my inbox this morning... These people will stop at nothing.

"Pregnancy for Twilight's Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart"
This is the title of the article - clearly to 'grab' your attention"

And this is the random article posted on a website (the **** is to protect the moronic) that spawned the title of the article above:

The Golden Child Will Have to Wait ****** - This young celebrity couple did not actively promote their dating status during their last project together. They kept it quiet, and were smart enough to use protection during their intimate off-screen moments. Unfortunately it did fail on one occasion, and she wound up pregnant. Sorry, no wild tales of diseases and drugs and drama in this case, nor the impending birth of a golden child. The whole event was actually handled very quickly, quietly and professionally as she dropped out of sight for only two days to have a procedure done. The couple is a fairly mature one for their age, and still have eyes only for each other.

So, an online 'insider' magazine reads that simple posting above and runs with it.

I can't believe how irresponsible and desperate people are for 'the scoop' that they will write an article that a.) Insinuates that Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are indeed a couple AND got pregnant and b.) States "as she dropped out of sight for only two days to have a procedure done." Insinuating she had an abortion.

Are you $%%^%$ kidding me????

It's apparent that any yahoo with a keyboard and they ability to figure out how start their own "insider, gossip, celebrity" RAG - can be so incredibly (as I said above) moronic and post complete fiction based on assumptions and speculations.

Literally making up in their small brain as to WHO the celebrity couple is (that's even assuming that the first piece of S**T article is even REMOTELY true). And more importantly, if this does happen to be true of some couple out there – whoever it is – then it’s their business. It’s a very serious subject for most people and to label someone one way or another is not only irresponsible but dangerous.

I don't care whether you are pro-choice or pro-life, but do not make 'assumptions' about someone - celebrity or not - on things as intimate and serious as this.

I'm still reeling over this article and that the person who wrote said article actually INVENTED a whole story about Rob and Kristen that was based on some random "anonymous" posting regarding a "celebrity couple" that this person randomly stumbled upon online.

"This person" is an idiot.

Jun 25, 2009

And this is why I write the blog

It's appauling.. leave him alone and let him do his job
Wouldn't you love to have an audience at work?

Jun 24, 2009

Rob Pattinson is a pussycat?

Fan videos....
Some of them are extremely creative and impress the hell out of me. Some of those fan made new moon trailers were really well done.

But then there is the ones that 'cross that line' that MOST people can't see but intuitively know where it lies.

Then we have some of Rob's fans.. (not all I assure you - I've met & spoken to some wonderful fans that are completely normal!)

Well, when I was looking for interviews on youtube with Rpattz..er.. Spunk Ransom.. Robsten (that one irritates me the most)... a lot of what I found was videos with just lots of pictures with suggestive songs playing in the background. Ew.

I was sent an article with a youtube video of Rob and the music in the background is "Faster Kill Pussycat." Again, I must say, people are very good and putting these videos together. I haven't the foggiest idea how to do it. But this one has Rob and then a lion.. then Rob.. then a lion.. I don't get the connection. My first thought "Are you trying to say Rob is a pussy?"

BUT the most disturbing part is the woman who wrote the article.
Quotes from the article are as follows:

"Before you watch, fair warning. This is not for the faint of heart!!! If you are at work, close your office door. If you are at home, make sure the husband and the kids are in the other room.

You will need some *ahem* alone time after watching this. And that is a guarantee!"

That last line I found was really testing my gag reflex. I don't think (and hell, maybe I'm wrong) that Rob would see that as flattering. I would think he'd see that as scary.. unless it's just me.

Here's the video - apparently I'm supposed to warn you that after this video you are supposed to run screaming in ecstasy into the night...

Jun 23, 2009

Rob Pattinson arrested (oye)

There are 2 things I must touch on today.
Let's start with the headlines that flooded my email today "Rob Pattinson arrested" or "Rob Pattinson frisked!" With this as the picture...

Once again, to shock you and make you open the insane article just to find them say "haha no sah just kiddin' - it's in his movie."
Let's see, we have had articles about him being a playboy, being gay, missing Kristen, and now he's a criminal.. wonder what's next?
I know what's next a song entitled "Do you want to be Mrs. Robert Pattinson"
Yup there is a song out now that a Mom wrote for her 16 year old daughter (included what her daughter's name was) posted it on youtube and it is also (from what I read) available to buy.
Ok picture it, you are 16 years old .. in high school (which is misery in and of itself) and your MOM writes a song about how much you fantasize and what to become Rob's wife THEN pops it on youtube where all your friends (not to mention all the high school boys) can hear it?
This Mom has a wonderful voice (I listened to the song) and her writing isn't bad either but if my Mother EVER did that to me while I was in high school ... 'TO THE MOON ALICE!'

Jun 21, 2009

"Daily Dish: Rob Pattinson Gay"

Sigh... I don't even know what to say.

Actually, yes I do.

Really? We are going to that place now?

First off - who cares if he is gay. It's his life last I checked.. but that's not even the point really..

Let's see... In the past few months he has allegedly been "dating" Kristen Stewart, Natalie Portman, Nikki Reed, a random blond from the Cannes film festival, and numerous other women that happened to speak to him when there was a camera around.


"It has been confirmed that an "unnamed" author has struck a publishing deal to write a tell-all about the Twilight star, claiming that the sexy actor is indeed gay. "

A tell-all book.. Rob is 23 years old, how much is there to tell? Aren't tell-all's usually done after a long career? He just got his feet wet and we already have someone ready to pen a book about his life?

But even more importantly, what kind of jackass would write this book? Now that Rob is famous, everyone he has ever met must really 'know' the scoop on him and his life, right? So this tell-all book is probably by some person who sold him a candy bar at a 7-11... 10 years ago.

The article does go on to say...

"Although the book reportedly doesn't have much "evidence" it's sure to further perpetuate the ongoing rumors."


And can I just add that the picture they attached with this article entitled "Daily Dish: Rob Pattinson Gay" looks like a freakin' mugshot! As if they are accusing him of something. Clearly done on purpose.

Am I right or am I right?

Jun 20, 2009

I should have made a bet!!

I should have made a bet on how quickly the media would start to make the leap to this:

"Robert Pattinson And Co-Star Party; "Growing Closer""

I knew that this was going to happen. Rob is now filming a new movie and in that movie has a love interest.. and of course, the speculation starts! Quote from an online website

"Seems as though the on-set chemistry in Queens is transferring into real life for Robert Pattinson and his recently separated costar Emilie de Ravin."

The other quote I found humorous:

“More than once, they left the others and retired to a private “smoking room.” The source tells us of their night with friends.

Last I checked, Rob smoked. Not sure about Emilie smoking, but if Rob wanted a smoke then logic would dictate that he needed to get up and go to another designated area for smoking, no? Like I've mentioned before from my experience acting .. you get very close with a cast you are working with. You tend to hang out with them a lot during the production - mainly because - well what else are you going to do? Rehearsals, filming (or a show) then you hang with the cast till the show is over.. that's the norm. And since these 2 are on location, it makes sense that they will hang out together. Yet all I'm reading is "the hot make out scenes" and "these 2 are looking cozy together." First of all - IT'S IN THE SCRIPT!! The directions MUST say "KISS!" They aren't just doing it because they WANT to! And second, have you ever seen a behind the scenes of a movie shoot?

Yes you will see the lovely scene in the movie of the 2 of them kissing romantically on the beach. But in reality this is what is happening:

There is people all around, staring at you while you are doing it. Not really that romantic is it? Would be a bit embarassing, don't you think?

I'm still confused as to why it is when Rob is seen speaking with a member of the opposite sex that he is automatically dating her or into her or what-have-you. Unless he ONLY talks to men than that is the only other option. He will either be talking to a.) boys or b.) girls .... not much flexibilty there.

I loved the gossip that was surrounding him in Cannes and everyone asking "who is that blonde with him...??" just to find out it was his publicist.

Nothing says 'I love you' ...

....Like hand written scary notes left on your car door and windshield..

"Dear Robert, I LOVE YOU you rock :(" No... that's not spooky, right? These notes look like the notes that are written when someone kidnaps a person and asks for ransom money.

I have no idea who wrote these notes, or the ages of the (I'm assuming) girls.

If these are adult women writing these notes asking for dates and telling him that they love him and are his #1 fan... Then I'm not sure what to say? Get a life seems weak.

If these are young girls writing these spooky notes then my only question is Where is your parents? This is exactly what parents are for! To stop you from doing things you will regret (hopefully regret) when you are older!

I've heard of other instances where women have left notes on his car professing their love and asking for a date.
I understand that people find Rob good looking, but to write chicken scratched notes asking for a date, is NOT the way to get in his good graces. I really don't think that if he reads that note, he's going to immediately call and say "Sure, where do you want to go for dinner?"

Jun 18, 2009


And the google alerts go frantic - the alerts read...

~EXCLUSIVE: Robert Pattinson Hit By Cab!
~Report: Robert Pattinson Hit by Taxicab
~Robert Pattinson Accident: Hit by Cab in NYC, New Moon Twilight Hunk Not Injured
~Robert Pattinson Hit By Taxicab (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
~Robert Pattinson Hit by Car, Unhurt; ‘Tweens Exhale
~Robert Pattinson Hit By A Cab: Robert Pattinson Remember Me

~Robert Pattinson dodges his fans only to be struck by a cab in New York this afternoon

And what picture do some of them show?...

This lovely picture of him, beat-up and bruised.

Of course, the website(s) don't mention that this picture is actually him in full make up on the set of Remember Me. Oh yes, they may have mentioned it in one of the articles before.. but that is NOT the intent they had when attaching this photo to the headlines you see above. The intent clearly was to scare the be-jeezuz out of people. Wanting it to seem as if he was run over with an 18-wheeler directly ON his face.

Obviously, that is not what happened. Apparently he was being (once again) swarmed by "adoring fans" and to try and get a few steps ahead of them had a bit of a run in with a cab. Sadly, if you are not familiar with New York City cab drivers - you wouldn't know that they couldn't care LESS who you are .. if you are in THEIR street .. they will use you as a speed bump.

As another example of his "new life" as a celebrity.. This is Rob, simply trying to go to the FUH-REAKIN' AIRPORT..

Not sure if you can see it clearly... but do you see waaaaaaayyyy over to the right, the guy with the hood up?

You see it? (Almost like 'Where's Waldo?)

BINGO - that is him with the paparazzi mere inches from his face as he is walking into the airport.

Can you imagine if that was just a regular citizen? My hunch is that those guys would be arrested. For example: If this was me, just a regular person, walking down the street and there was a gang of men/women surrounding me and continually 'flash flash flash flashing' cameras in my face.. my guess is a cop would immediately arrest them.

What I find nauseating, is this quote from one blog..

"But alas---it’s the life that he chose. Let’s just hope that in the future, he’ll be a little bit more careful crossing streets. Or at least that he develops vampire super strength and learns to stop speeding cars with his bare hands."

Even as I read that... I'm gagging.

A.) I don't REALLY believe he signed on for this when he accepted the role in Twilight. We all know that when one becomes a "celebrity" - one loses a bit of anonymity. But having random women thrust themselves upon you and wrap their arms around your NECK is a whole different ballgame.

B.) Let's make fun of the fact that he was clearly so disturbed that this crowd was coming at him (again) that he ran into TRAFFIC and could have gotten really hurt.


Ok... shutting up

Jun 17, 2009

Journalist - Gossip columnist.. WTF?

Good God... I love when some cry "freedom of speech" OR "I'm a journalist I have the right to...(insert whatever insane crap you wish)"

Now it's my mission to call out inappropriate people, journalists, etc. I won't be an ass and name the sites or the people - but I am going to quote and talk about what they do and the damage it could and does cause.

So... Rob is filming in New York. Unless you are living on a Kibbutz, all of humanity seems to know that he is filming there. Ok so that's fine - the problem is when 'celeb journalists' or 'paparazzi' or just regular old fans think that it is ok to announce on a website exact locations or areas where he will be! What on earth is WRONG with people?! Here is something I saw from a celebrity website..

"Today the set moved to ****** and ********* Streets, where they were filming inside *********, a dive bar noted for its wall covered in sailor tattoos. Be sure to look for that in 'Remember Me!' The crowd was smaller today, but plenty of extras wearing punk, rocker, and various other fashions were being herded into the bar for a scene."

You see the *** areas? Well, that was put there by ME. The person who wrote the article, openly gave the streets and the name of the bar where he would be. Why would someone do that? We all see the insanity that surrounds this young - not to mention thrown into the spotlight without much warning - actor. Not only is he actually WORKING but he's a person who seems a little nervous with all this attention and piranha type fans. This isn't something that he has built up to, 1 minute fans of the Twilight Series are angry as hell because he was cast as Edward Cullen, the next minute people are taking pictures of the boy eating a candy bar! Wouldn't you get a little paranoid? I don't know this man at all, and I don't know if he is actually a nervous wreck, I'm just sayin' .. I know I would be.

I realize that there are some very loyal and normal fans out there. Sadly, I continue to see the frenzy that surrounds him and it baffles me that people think it is ok to behave in this manner. (Hence, me starting this blog.)

I've met my share of celebrities, and I've never asked for an autograph (don't really see the point of having someones signature), and I've NEVER actually approached a celebrity on my own. No matter how much I may admire a person's work or who they are, I simply won't do it. Why? First off, I feel like a cornball because I know they don't really want to chit chat with me and secondly, I feel as if we are on an unfair playing field. That's just me, I don't have any problem with others that want signatures or pictures with celebs, that's cool if that's your thing. But SERIOUSLY what is happening to Rob (and Kristen to a lesser extent) is utterly out of control.

Fans standing at a barricade - waiting for a glimpse of Rob .... And someone posts this picture from that barricade :

Now... don't get my wrong... I like art just as much as the next person, but don't you think if you were Rob and you saw that giant picture of your mug that someone spent oodles of time sketching, you would get a little freaked out?

I can imagine he walks out and says "hmmm there's my big head someone drew...."

Use discretion people! Use your noggin' - if you know where he is or shit like that - it would behoove you to keep that information quiet.



I read this on a blog:

"How would it look like? This photo manipulation below gives you an idea how
it might look like if both of the twilight stars would not hide their
feelings for each other in public."

Are you kidding me? This picture was floating around for a while, at first people had thought "OH SEE I KNEW IT - THEY ARE DATING!" Then of course, it was discovered that this was a PHOTO MANIPULATION.. photoshop, adobe or what have you. Someone actually took time to piece these 2 together and make it look like they were a couple.

Really? Seriously? That much time on your hands to do that. Whether or not they are - or aren't - together.. it doesn't matter. Their relationship wouldn't be Bella & Edward. Unless Rob decides to start hunting chipmunks and squirrels.

That is the sad thing about the Internet, you can find whatever you want, whenever you want, about WHOMEVER you want.. then you can muck around with it and POOF - Rumors!

I have been in over 20 plays myself. Have played opposite leading men and had to kiss them on stage and "make believe" or "pretend" or ACT!! as if we were in love. If they are together - hurrah - big deal... but seriously? Geekin' out and manufacturing photos of the 2 of them as a couple and what it would look like 'IF' they were together..

Jun 16, 2009

Missing Kristen - Same clothes?!

Two quotes from various blogs
  • "Check out her outfit, and Rob's outfit while shooting 'Remember Me' in New York. Note, the photos were taken on the same day."
  • "Robert Pattinson Looks Sad - Missing 'His' Kristen Stewart?
    Is he missing his dear "friend" Kristen Stewart who is currently back in Los Angeles?."

Are you KIDDING me? Someone (or someones) takes a million pictures of Rob while filming and low and behold - there is a picture of him NOT smiling? Looking "sad?" Or maybe BORED since being on a film is always about 'hurry up and WAIT.' I wonder if this person can read his mind too .. since he is glancing every so gently towards the right, maybe that subconsciously means he is feeling an emptiness that... YADDA YADDA YADDA - PA-LEASE!

Oh and of course - Kristen has a shirt over a shirt and she is dressing like Rob. And the article said they were dressed the same way ... THE VERY SAME DAY!

Jun 15, 2009

Leave Rob Pattinson ALONE

I'm not sure where to begin... At the beginning some say? Ok well, I am a fan of the Twilight Series which is how I was introduced to Rob Pattinson. I was not aware of him before this movie. I was never into Harry Potter, and don't live in the UK so wasn't familiar with any of his other projects.

I adore the series like many people do, and was very excited for the movie. Of course they couldn't include everything from the book into the movie but it was a very good adaptation.

Onward...now they are (or were) filming New Moon. I decided to get updates on the movie to my email. I wanted to see the progress and how close they are staying to the book. Well, 99% of the time the updates are people flashing a camera in Rob's face, filming him drinking something or walking in the airport, or gaggles of girls accosting him on a film shoot or at a bar or what have you.

I've been getting these updates that seem to be more and more intrusive. The last straw for me was this picture I saw today. .

Seriously? Really? This poor boy can't walk down the street without fear of being accosted by women of all ages?

What on EARTH do you think he is going to do if you run up to him and GRAB him around this throat or try to rip his clothes of? Do you think he is going to turn to you and say "oh my God, it's YOU, I've been lookin for you my whole life!"

Most likely what he will do is complain to his friends or family that this NUTJOB couldn't control herself (or himself, don't want to be sexist)..

I get daily updates on the intrusiveness that happens to him all the time, since it doesn't really seem to be about New Moon anymore - but about who can get the most pictures or the closest to Rob Pattinson. I will report on them as I get them - I will not reveal any locations that he is at - or embarrassing photos - but I will reveal what lengths people are going to and what this poor guy has to put up with daily!
Hope you enjoy !