Jun 17, 2009



I read this on a blog:

"How would it look like? This photo manipulation below gives you an idea how
it might look like if both of the twilight stars would not hide their
feelings for each other in public."

Are you kidding me? This picture was floating around for a while, at first people had thought "OH SEE I KNEW IT - THEY ARE DATING!" Then of course, it was discovered that this was a PHOTO MANIPULATION.. photoshop, adobe or what have you. Someone actually took time to piece these 2 together and make it look like they were a couple.

Really? Seriously? That much time on your hands to do that. Whether or not they are - or aren't - together.. it doesn't matter. Their relationship wouldn't be Bella & Edward. Unless Rob decides to start hunting chipmunks and squirrels.

That is the sad thing about the Internet, you can find whatever you want, whenever you want, about WHOMEVER you want.. then you can muck around with it and POOF - Rumors!

I have been in over 20 plays myself. Have played opposite leading men and had to kiss them on stage and "make believe" or "pretend" or ACT!! as if we were in love. If they are together - hurrah - big deal... but seriously? Geekin' out and manufacturing photos of the 2 of them as a couple and what it would look like 'IF' they were together..

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