Jun 21, 2009

"Daily Dish: Rob Pattinson Gay"

Sigh... I don't even know what to say.

Actually, yes I do.

Really? We are going to that place now?

First off - who cares if he is gay. It's his life last I checked.. but that's not even the point really..

Let's see... In the past few months he has allegedly been "dating" Kristen Stewart, Natalie Portman, Nikki Reed, a random blond from the Cannes film festival, and numerous other women that happened to speak to him when there was a camera around.


"It has been confirmed that an "unnamed" author has struck a publishing deal to write a tell-all about the Twilight star, claiming that the sexy actor is indeed gay. "

A tell-all book.. Rob is 23 years old, how much is there to tell? Aren't tell-all's usually done after a long career? He just got his feet wet and we already have someone ready to pen a book about his life?

But even more importantly, what kind of jackass would write this book? Now that Rob is famous, everyone he has ever met must really 'know' the scoop on him and his life, right? So this tell-all book is probably by some person who sold him a candy bar at a 7-11... 10 years ago.

The article does go on to say...

"Although the book reportedly doesn't have much "evidence" it's sure to further perpetuate the ongoing rumors."


And can I just add that the picture they attached with this article entitled "Daily Dish: Rob Pattinson Gay" looks like a freakin' mugshot! As if they are accusing him of something. Clearly done on purpose.

Am I right or am I right?