Jun 27, 2009

Film Locations website!

Are you freakin' kidding me?
Someone (lots of 'someones' out there aren't there?) set up a website solely dedicated to telling people WHERE celebrities will be filming and what times!? Is it just me, or is this extremely stalker'ish?? I mean seriously.. think about it.. if someone was posting information about YOU online as to your EXACT where abouts and the TIME you'd be there ... wouldn't you call the police? That (to me) is SUPER dangerous. Do people remember that just a few days ago Rob was (albeit not severe) clipped by a car (supposedly) due to out of control fans?

And we can't forget this:

It is UNSAFE for people to post his or ANYONE'S where about's on the internet. There are freaky deeks out there. (Clearly as you can see from above)

I must say, I have heard from MANY wonderful fans of Rob's are thanking me for starting this blog. I am so overwhelmed and thankful for all of the support I'm getting. You all are the best, and I truly thank you. Because of that, it has become very clear to me that there are many normal, sweet and caring fans of his that are just as concerned about this poor guy as I have. I originally thought it must be a Mom thing , but not all of the people that have either posted or emailed me are Mom's .. so it's clearly a HUMAN thing. A lot of us realize that this is too much for anyone to take.

This website states this (of course I'll **** out the info for obvious reasons):

Remember Me is on ******** Street, *** in *****, *am – *pm 6.29, signs spotted between **** and *****.
Remember Me is filming on **** and ***** (shoot may be in **********) on 6.30.

As you can see - it tells where he (not to mention the rest of the crew & actors) will be and what time.

THAT is dangerous and irresponsible (in my opinion).