Jun 18, 2009


And the google alerts go frantic - the alerts read...

~EXCLUSIVE: Robert Pattinson Hit By Cab!
~Report: Robert Pattinson Hit by Taxicab
~Robert Pattinson Accident: Hit by Cab in NYC, New Moon Twilight Hunk Not Injured
~Robert Pattinson Hit By Taxicab (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
~Robert Pattinson Hit by Car, Unhurt; ‘Tweens Exhale
~Robert Pattinson Hit By A Cab: Robert Pattinson Remember Me

~Robert Pattinson dodges his fans only to be struck by a cab in New York this afternoon

And what picture do some of them show?...

This lovely picture of him, beat-up and bruised.

Of course, the website(s) don't mention that this picture is actually him in full make up on the set of Remember Me. Oh yes, they may have mentioned it in one of the articles before.. but that is NOT the intent they had when attaching this photo to the headlines you see above. The intent clearly was to scare the be-jeezuz out of people. Wanting it to seem as if he was run over with an 18-wheeler directly ON his face.

Obviously, that is not what happened. Apparently he was being (once again) swarmed by "adoring fans" and to try and get a few steps ahead of them had a bit of a run in with a cab. Sadly, if you are not familiar with New York City cab drivers - you wouldn't know that they couldn't care LESS who you are .. if you are in THEIR street .. they will use you as a speed bump.

As another example of his "new life" as a celebrity.. This is Rob, simply trying to go to the FUH-REAKIN' AIRPORT..

Not sure if you can see it clearly... but do you see waaaaaaayyyy over to the right, the guy with the hood up?

You see it? (Almost like 'Where's Waldo?)

BINGO - that is him with the paparazzi mere inches from his face as he is walking into the airport.

Can you imagine if that was just a regular citizen? My hunch is that those guys would be arrested. For example: If this was me, just a regular person, walking down the street and there was a gang of men/women surrounding me and continually 'flash flash flash flashing' cameras in my face.. my guess is a cop would immediately arrest them.

What I find nauseating, is this quote from one blog..

"But alas---it’s the life that he chose. Let’s just hope that in the future, he’ll be a little bit more careful crossing streets. Or at least that he develops vampire super strength and learns to stop speeding cars with his bare hands."

Even as I read that... I'm gagging.

A.) I don't REALLY believe he signed on for this when he accepted the role in Twilight. We all know that when one becomes a "celebrity" - one loses a bit of anonymity. But having random women thrust themselves upon you and wrap their arms around your NECK is a whole different ballgame.

B.) Let's make fun of the fact that he was clearly so disturbed that this crowd was coming at him (again) that he ran into TRAFFIC and could have gotten really hurt.


Ok... shutting up

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