Jun 20, 2009

I should have made a bet!!

I should have made a bet on how quickly the media would start to make the leap to this:

"Robert Pattinson And Co-Star Party; "Growing Closer""

I knew that this was going to happen. Rob is now filming a new movie and in that movie has a love interest.. and of course, the speculation starts! Quote from an online website

"Seems as though the on-set chemistry in Queens is transferring into real life for Robert Pattinson and his recently separated costar Emilie de Ravin."

The other quote I found humorous:

“More than once, they left the others and retired to a private “smoking room.” The source tells us of their night with friends.

Last I checked, Rob smoked. Not sure about Emilie smoking, but if Rob wanted a smoke then logic would dictate that he needed to get up and go to another designated area for smoking, no? Like I've mentioned before from my experience acting .. you get very close with a cast you are working with. You tend to hang out with them a lot during the production - mainly because - well what else are you going to do? Rehearsals, filming (or a show) then you hang with the cast till the show is over.. that's the norm. And since these 2 are on location, it makes sense that they will hang out together. Yet all I'm reading is "the hot make out scenes" and "these 2 are looking cozy together." First of all - IT'S IN THE SCRIPT!! The directions MUST say "KISS!" They aren't just doing it because they WANT to! And second, have you ever seen a behind the scenes of a movie shoot?

Yes you will see the lovely scene in the movie of the 2 of them kissing romantically on the beach. But in reality this is what is happening:

There is people all around, staring at you while you are doing it. Not really that romantic is it? Would be a bit embarassing, don't you think?

I'm still confused as to why it is when Rob is seen speaking with a member of the opposite sex that he is automatically dating her or into her or what-have-you. Unless he ONLY talks to men than that is the only other option. He will either be talking to a.) boys or b.) girls .... not much flexibilty there.

I loved the gossip that was surrounding him in Cannes and everyone asking "who is that blonde with him...??" just to find out it was his publicist.