Jun 17, 2009

Journalist - Gossip columnist.. WTF?

Good God... I love when some cry "freedom of speech" OR "I'm a journalist I have the right to...(insert whatever insane crap you wish)"

Now it's my mission to call out inappropriate people, journalists, etc. I won't be an ass and name the sites or the people - but I am going to quote and talk about what they do and the damage it could and does cause.

So... Rob is filming in New York. Unless you are living on a Kibbutz, all of humanity seems to know that he is filming there. Ok so that's fine - the problem is when 'celeb journalists' or 'paparazzi' or just regular old fans think that it is ok to announce on a website exact locations or areas where he will be! What on earth is WRONG with people?! Here is something I saw from a celebrity website..

"Today the set moved to ****** and ********* Streets, where they were filming inside *********, a dive bar noted for its wall covered in sailor tattoos. Be sure to look for that in 'Remember Me!' The crowd was smaller today, but plenty of extras wearing punk, rocker, and various other fashions were being herded into the bar for a scene."

You see the *** areas? Well, that was put there by ME. The person who wrote the article, openly gave the streets and the name of the bar where he would be. Why would someone do that? We all see the insanity that surrounds this young - not to mention thrown into the spotlight without much warning - actor. Not only is he actually WORKING but he's a person who seems a little nervous with all this attention and piranha type fans. This isn't something that he has built up to, 1 minute fans of the Twilight Series are angry as hell because he was cast as Edward Cullen, the next minute people are taking pictures of the boy eating a candy bar! Wouldn't you get a little paranoid? I don't know this man at all, and I don't know if he is actually a nervous wreck, I'm just sayin' .. I know I would be.

I realize that there are some very loyal and normal fans out there. Sadly, I continue to see the frenzy that surrounds him and it baffles me that people think it is ok to behave in this manner. (Hence, me starting this blog.)

I've met my share of celebrities, and I've never asked for an autograph (don't really see the point of having someones signature), and I've NEVER actually approached a celebrity on my own. No matter how much I may admire a person's work or who they are, I simply won't do it. Why? First off, I feel like a cornball because I know they don't really want to chit chat with me and secondly, I feel as if we are on an unfair playing field. That's just me, I don't have any problem with others that want signatures or pictures with celebs, that's cool if that's your thing. But SERIOUSLY what is happening to Rob (and Kristen to a lesser extent) is utterly out of control.

Fans standing at a barricade - waiting for a glimpse of Rob .... And someone posts this picture from that barricade :

Now... don't get my wrong... I like art just as much as the next person, but don't you think if you were Rob and you saw that giant picture of your mug that someone spent oodles of time sketching, you would get a little freaked out?

I can imagine he walks out and says "hmmm there's my big head someone drew...."

Use discretion people! Use your noggin' - if you know where he is or shit like that - it would behoove you to keep that information quiet.

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