Jun 15, 2009

Leave Rob Pattinson ALONE

I'm not sure where to begin... At the beginning some say? Ok well, I am a fan of the Twilight Series which is how I was introduced to Rob Pattinson. I was not aware of him before this movie. I was never into Harry Potter, and don't live in the UK so wasn't familiar with any of his other projects.

I adore the series like many people do, and was very excited for the movie. Of course they couldn't include everything from the book into the movie but it was a very good adaptation.

Onward...now they are (or were) filming New Moon. I decided to get updates on the movie to my email. I wanted to see the progress and how close they are staying to the book. Well, 99% of the time the updates are people flashing a camera in Rob's face, filming him drinking something or walking in the airport, or gaggles of girls accosting him on a film shoot or at a bar or what have you.

I've been getting these updates that seem to be more and more intrusive. The last straw for me was this picture I saw today. .

Seriously? Really? This poor boy can't walk down the street without fear of being accosted by women of all ages?

What on EARTH do you think he is going to do if you run up to him and GRAB him around this throat or try to rip his clothes of? Do you think he is going to turn to you and say "oh my God, it's YOU, I've been lookin for you my whole life!"

Most likely what he will do is complain to his friends or family that this NUTJOB couldn't control herself (or himself, don't want to be sexist)..

I get daily updates on the intrusiveness that happens to him all the time, since it doesn't really seem to be about New Moon anymore - but about who can get the most pictures or the closest to Rob Pattinson. I will report on them as I get them - I will not reveal any locations that he is at - or embarrassing photos - but I will reveal what lengths people are going to and what this poor guy has to put up with daily!
Hope you enjoy !
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