Jun 16, 2009

Missing Kristen - Same clothes?!

Two quotes from various blogs
  • "Check out her outfit, and Rob's outfit while shooting 'Remember Me' in New York. Note, the photos were taken on the same day."
  • "Robert Pattinson Looks Sad - Missing 'His' Kristen Stewart?
    Is he missing his dear "friend" Kristen Stewart who is currently back in Los Angeles?."

Are you KIDDING me? Someone (or someones) takes a million pictures of Rob while filming and low and behold - there is a picture of him NOT smiling? Looking "sad?" Or maybe BORED since being on a film is always about 'hurry up and WAIT.' I wonder if this person can read his mind too .. since he is glancing every so gently towards the right, maybe that subconsciously means he is feeling an emptiness that... YADDA YADDA YADDA - PA-LEASE!

Oh and of course - Kristen has a shirt over a shirt and she is dressing like Rob. And the article said they were dressed the same way ... THE VERY SAME DAY!

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