Jun 20, 2009

Nothing says 'I love you' ...

....Like hand written scary notes left on your car door and windshield..

"Dear Robert, I LOVE YOU you rock :(" No... that's not spooky, right? These notes look like the notes that are written when someone kidnaps a person and asks for ransom money.

I have no idea who wrote these notes, or the ages of the (I'm assuming) girls.

If these are adult women writing these notes asking for dates and telling him that they love him and are his #1 fan... Then I'm not sure what to say? Get a life seems weak.

If these are young girls writing these spooky notes then my only question is Where is your parents? This is exactly what parents are for! To stop you from doing things you will regret (hopefully regret) when you are older!

I've heard of other instances where women have left notes on his car professing their love and asking for a date.
I understand that people find Rob good looking, but to write chicken scratched notes asking for a date, is NOT the way to get in his good graces. I really don't think that if he reads that note, he's going to immediately call and say "Sure, where do you want to go for dinner?"