Jun 30, 2009

Rob Pattinson - spotted with crack.. (rolling eyes)

Yes this is the picture that was attached to the headline "Rob Pattinson - Spotted with crack." Don't you love how this specific website - to get viewers / readers - has this splashed across their website? I also saw it on their tabloid TV show too.

I have a good idea, let's start a rumor that Rob is doing crack, that's a great idea don't you think?

Clearly they are referring to his pants slipping down a bit while he is taking he shoes off to go through security at an airport. But tell me, is that appropriate either? Rob can't blink without it being photographed.. so now this lovely picture (that I put the stop sign on myself) was circulating with the tag line that he was spotted with crack. Problem with that is - some people won't read the article and just assume that he was spotted with drugs. But the 2nd problem is - people will read the article and because tabloid journalists have zero boundaries and no problem taking pictures of people in embarrassing positions - this is what people will see. The poor guy trying to live his life, getting through security like we all do when going on a plane. Yet because he bent over and his pants slipped a tad - WHOA STOP THE PRESS!!

Imagine your whole life being documented. Every corner your turn, every store you go into, every minute you are walking and think no one is looking at you. God forbid you sneeze, trip, pass gas, pick your nose or do all the other things that normal people do on occasion that they would rather the WORLD not witness.

I've read some of the statements from writers saying "he gave up his right to privacy when he became famous." That's intelligent. Not sure how to approach that. I understand that they lose a bit of anonymity - but to think they deserve this level of attention just because they decided to become entertainers, baffles me. Somehow people justify what they are doing is totally ok because he is a celebrity and that it gives everyone the right to take pictures of him 1 inch from his face, grab him around the throat as he walks down the street, stalk him in bushes to see how many horribly embarrassing shots they can get of him or if they can get him doing something bad...

I'd love to follow some of these people around and see what we discover. I think we should start a website called "Following the Followers," and see what their reactions are, what do you think?
We should all turn on the paparazzi and start just snapping pictures in their face and when the swat us away cry "I'M GOING TO SUE!!"