Jun 23, 2009

Rob Pattinson arrested (oye)

There are 2 things I must touch on today.
Let's start with the headlines that flooded my email today "Rob Pattinson arrested" or "Rob Pattinson frisked!" With this as the picture...

Once again, to shock you and make you open the insane article just to find them say "haha no sah just kiddin' - it's in his movie."
Let's see, we have had articles about him being a playboy, being gay, missing Kristen, and now he's a criminal.. wonder what's next?
I know what's next a song entitled "Do you want to be Mrs. Robert Pattinson"
Yup there is a song out now that a Mom wrote for her 16 year old daughter (included what her daughter's name was) posted it on youtube and it is also (from what I read) available to buy.
Ok picture it, you are 16 years old .. in high school (which is misery in and of itself) and your MOM writes a song about how much you fantasize and what to become Rob's wife THEN pops it on youtube where all your friends (not to mention all the high school boys) can hear it?
This Mom has a wonderful voice (I listened to the song) and her writing isn't bad either but if my Mother EVER did that to me while I was in high school ... 'TO THE MOON ALICE!'