Jun 27, 2009

Robert Pattinson as 007

This is what came to me during the night in an email alert:

Oh, James! Robert Pattinson as 007? He should be banned, not Bond
Apparently, Robert Pattinson wants to play superspy and ulitimate cool lady's man James Bond sometime in the near future.

That's the beginning of the article. Apparently "someone" has the inside scoop that Rob wants to play 007. ("someone" is in quotes - because that someone is probably some yahoo that made this enormous leap due to the fact Rob is in a movie with Pierce right now..)

Yet, whoever this "someone" is decides to rip Rob to shreds in the article. See below:

Lets face it, Pattionson allegedly doesn't wash too often -- and grunge doesn't work for Bond. Can you imagine our cool, clean hero putting off the bad guys with his body odor?
An as for that big shock of hair, it wouldn't work for Bond at all. Look at Pierce at the height of his Bond days, the short-back-and sides look defines James Bond. Roger Moore had it too, and so did the ultimate, Scotsman Sean Connery.

It continues..
Then there's the action part. Brosnan did most of his own stunts -- incredible stuff in the high-risk arena, can-you-beat-this, Bond genre. Pattinson had to use a body double in "Twilight" for some very tame stunts indeed. Evel Knievel he ain't, although did perform his own "stunt" the other day -- getting clipped by a cab as he fled from a gaggle of evil supervillains (teenage girls).

This is just great. Let's rip Rob to shreds on a part he probably has NEVER said he wants and continue to discredit him and perpetuate the RUMORS of him smelling. Which all that talk regarding his hygiene was BS ... he joked about it in an interview and the online & tabloid rags ran with it. I mean seriously .. do you really think that he is going to walk around smelling like a$$?

And onward to his stunt double in Twilight & the fact that he didn't do most of his stunts. Oookkk... um... that is what a stunt double is for.. they are trained on how to fall, how to do all this weird $hit that is required to do in movies. Why on EARTH would you criticize someone for not wanting to go through a window and hit a wall that crumbles all around him. He didn't play a human character - he played a vampire that tore up floors and smashed through buildings! Ouch... Even Cam Gigandet used a stunt double for some of the more PUMMELING scenes. But yet when Rob does it - then of course he is a wuss, right? GA-IVE me a break!

Of course, lets make fun of the fact that there was a crowd of FANS that were chasing after him and it led him into the street where he got clipped by a taxi. That's really funny isn't it? I mean he's either going to be mauled by girls - or run over by a car. That's really funny... NOT.

It cracks me up how people can say "He couldn't because..." or "No way Rob could do that because..." Do these journalists... (journalists? no no no... bad word choice) I mean do these tabloid ding dongs realize that it's called ACTING for a reason? Rob is an actor.. last I checked he wasn't REALLY a animal sucking vampire or a wizard.. he was just pretending.. which is another word for acting. So don't gimme this BS that he can't - she can't - they don't look the part... blah blah blah .. they are actors. If they fit and it works - they CAN do it. Right now I'm playing a part of a woman that is permanently on crutches.. it's not REAL .. I am pretending! I feel I need to dumb it down for those tabloid writers.. oye!

And all of this is speculation anyway because (very doubtfully) who knows if Rob ever even said that!