Jun 30, 2009

Vilify Rob Pattinson, the next logical step

This is the article:

Robert Pattinson Sure Loves The Kids

Wait Rob, what are you doing?
Robert Pattinson was spotted filming his new movie Remember Me in Central Park earlier today. In these new pics, you can see RPattz riding a bike and relaxing and chatting with children. You can also see that he is smoking IN FRONT of these kids, and then puts out his cigarette on the beloved bronze statue of the White Rabbit's head from Alice In Wonderland.
We sure hope this is in the script.

They love him - they hate him - they praise him - they vilify him.. never ends.

Ok so 'they' get pictures of him in Central Park - smoking and chatting with kids. Now when have you seen him relaxing out in the open without 4 or 5 body guards around him? Wouldn't logic say that he is filming a scene? And that these kids, most likely are part of the scene? Hey I could be completely wrong but NONE of the pictures we have been bombarded with have him out and about relaxing. He is either shooting a scene or being rushed off with his protectors around him.

And.. about them saying how evil his is for putting the cigarette out on the beloved bronze statue ..this is the picture close up..

You can CLEARLY see it isn't lit - no smoke - no red at the tip.. he's probably acting.. er um.. let me make this simpler .. he's PRETENDING to either tap it on the head of the rabbit as if to pack it OR PRETENDING to put it out on the rabbit's head.