Jul 19, 2009

3 Girls Get To Meet Robert Pattinson

This is so funny. Big talk about these 3 girls that went into Rob's trailer to meet him. In the background you hear a guy yelling "way to go Rob" & "alright Rob 3 girls." (of course this was video taped)

Yet they don't seem to realize that these 3 girls are BEHIND the barricades, clearly with someone (guy in white t-shirt who almost looks like Rob's stunt double but I have NO idea who it is). Do you think that Rob - with the hundreds of screaming mimi fans that have been out there would just randomly say "Oh I want these 3 in my trailer now!" This isn't the days of Def Leppard when crew members would patrol the audience and take back the hottest, big boobed girls to do ... well whatever they 'did' backstage. Rob has been very clear that he is a tad WIGGED out by the fans that are swarming him... so logic says he's not going to just pick 3 girls and bring them in - in front of EVERYONE that is outside.

Thoughts? Am I right?