Jul 27, 2009

Disappearing Blog

Ok all -
I have NO idea what happened. Why my blog was gone for a bit - or if it is going to happen again.
The only thing that happened at the same time is that NewMoonMovie.org has forbid me to make any comments on their site anymore.

I would always make a comment about whatever the topic was - then I'd tell people if I updated my blog. I only did that because I loved the group of people that posted there and I thought they would like to read my blog. I was in NO way trying to steal there readers (like that would even be possible) and I've mentioned their site on my site in a positive light in the past.

I honestly have NO idea if the 2 are related - but it just is very coincidental that all of a sudden today I'm blocked from the newmoonmovie.org website - and then POOF my blog disappears.

If I have been disrespectful to anyone - I apologize - it was never my intention to do so - it was only my attention to point out how impossibly rude some people can be to Rob Pattinson.

Funny how all the psychotic things, invasions of privacy, pictures of his body parts, etc .. is all ok - but I write about people doing it and how inappropriate it is - and I'm punished?

Well.. here is to hoping the site stays up.
THANK YOU to ALL of you who wrote me to make me aware of what was going on.