Jul 16, 2009

"Inside" info on Rob Pattinson

This makes me ill. Please explain to me why people feel it necessary to blab personal information about people, whether they know the person or not. How many moments in life do we think we are alone.. walking to the store.. driving down the street.. just thinking to ourselves, occasionally talking to ourselves (or whatever you may do..). Now.. imagine someone(s) lurking in every corner, hiding behind every bush, so they can tell they world you "drink diet coke," or "scratch your a$$.." or WHATEVER.

Ok here's the story.. apparently this website that they "finally have their insider information!" Someone that supposedly works at the hotel where Rob's is filming and can see his trailer decides to break her silence and give the inside scoop on what she sees. First of all, if this is true, I hope she gets canned. I'll show you what I mean and ***** any personal information.

"Both trailers for Robert and Pierce were right outside my work so I got a front row seat of all the goings on.
His crew are really rude to fans and kept pointing to Pierce's trailer when they were asking where Robert was. I tried asking 2 of them if I could get an autograph and they basically laughed in my face. Anytime Robert wasn't filming he was immediately taken back to his trailer. At the end of the day Robert was being ushered past my store and I just stepped up to him to ask for his autograph and he was really sweet and said "of course," but his security was not pleased with me. Earlier in the day an over-zealous fan rushed up to him in the hotel and grabbed his arm yelling and freaking out. Security had to push her back and she made a huge scene. Robert never went between his trailer and the hotel without ****** (and he ******)."

What makes me laugh is where this person says that Robert's security was really rude.. but then proceeds to tell the story of how "an over-zealous fan rushed up to him in the hotel and grabbed his arm and freaking out." Ummm... let's see.. could his security be being curt because of some psycho girls that think they have the right to GRAB him?

The information that I **** out - wasn't anything juicy trust me, I just think it's disrespectful to talk about every detail of this guys life.

What he drinks, what he wears, what he smokes... pretty much is none of our business. And really do we REALLY care what soft drink he drinks, or what color his undies are?