Jul 23, 2009

Ok diversion.. Rob Pattinson & his feet

I will talk about the People magazine after I buy it. I went looking and it isn't out yet.

BUT I couldn't resist a few things the came via email alerts today.
Rob was wrapping up his time in NYC and gathering his belongings I'm sure and whatever it is he needed to do to get himself together so he could leave. But of course, does anyone give this guy a break ? I mean, maybe show a tad bit of respect and let him leave in peace.... NOPE!

This picture says it all :

Looks happy, no?

And then of course the big story ....
Robert Pattinson downs a can of Coca-Cola and steps out in a pair of Birkenstock Shoes
on the set of Remember Me in New York City on Wednesday (July 22).

With this picture attached to it:

His feet. A close up of what he is wearing on his feet. I don't know what to say except I am SURE there are far more interesting things to cover than what the poor boy drinks and wears on his FEET!