Jul 13, 2009

On a BIG break so .. Rob Pattinson and Emma Watson

My my my how quickly we forget. Headlines upon headlines about Rob and Kristen being in 'love,' being in a relationship, how terrible she is because she is "cheating on him with Michael," that she is PREGNANT... YET WE NOW SWITCH TOOOOOO

Emma Watson! Journalists looking for a new story I see. She is being interviewed lately for the latest Harry Potter movie ... but of COURSE they have to talk to her about Rob. And then of COURSE 'they' must jump to 'did you ever have a thing for Rob?' Which is where the rumors are starting... Headlines such as this:

Does Emma Watson have a ‘thing’ for Robert Pattinson?
Emma Watson calls Pattinson, 'a good friend'

Is there no end to the constant speculation about who Rob is dating, or who Rob WAS dating, or who Rob MAY someday date?
Who the f$%#K cares!? Leave the poor boy alone - it's already clear that he is having to consistently increase his security team, and how they get him from one place to another... For God sakes, they are putting the boy in a BOX to get him from point A to point B.

Don't you think we should lay off him, just a little....