Jul 17, 2009

Rob Pattinson - 2 stories to share

Unreal... anything for a story right? Well, apparently Rob and the crew went out for dinner - and now 'the waitress' speaks. Good Lord, does everyone want their 15 minutes of fame? Of course, no name - the anonymous waitress.. just like all of the anonymous insiders... but I digress..

Anyway, they went out to dinner and 'the waitress' says that Rob left a lousy tip. Roughly 15% (which by the way is average). Let's see... Rob goes out with a GROUP and because the tip isn't $5,000, which is what people would expect because he is rich and famous right, 'the waitress' proceeds to tell anyone that will listen.

Let's break this down=
1. We have NO idea if this is true since we are being told by yet another anonymous source.

2. Who the hell knows if Rob left the tip? It was a group of people - yet OF COURSE let's blame

3. People assume he is RICH RICH RICH because he is so famous right now. Let us remember
that he has been this HUGE for less than a year. And has technically only done 1 film since
the movie (Twilight) that made him a huge success. I am not saying that he's broke by any
means. I completely realize that he is totally set - BUT - let's not assume anything

4. What if the waitress sucked? It could happen, right?
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Ok now this is funny.
The title of the article is
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Send Old Rose Pink to Each Other

The blurb from the article is :
Robert Pattinson wears an old rose pink hoodie on the Remember Me Set in New York City on 15 July 2009.
The next day, 16 July 2009, Kristen Stewart responds in kind by wearing a form fitting old rose pink tee on The Runaways Set in Los Angeles.
Another subtle way of reaching out to each other like when Kristen wears her
English bands
shirts? Just total fun speculating.
Yes I read the 'total fun speculating' but I've read this author before. It's rumor starting - and if you ask me ... odd. Secretly speaking to each via pink shirts?
You know... I have seen them wearing sunglasses at the same time.... do you think????