Jul 31, 2009

Rob Pattinson and the bloody necks

I know I have spoken about this before.... But one of my readers (Big shout out to her for sending me the link - I won't mention her name since she didn't give me permission) sent me the link to the story of the bleeding girls...

It seems that Rob is finally trying to tell fans to back off just a bit. This is what he says:
"People ambush me and try and find out what hotel I’m staying at, as well as wanting to touch my hair,” he said. “Everyone just screams and screams. It still feels surreal."

Remember, he didn't grow up in this showbiz life. He did a couple of things .. then Twilight.. then pandemonium .. girls & women throwing themselves at him.. leaving love notes, hate notes, and of course this, Rob says:
"One time there were these four girls, in Chicago I think, and they had all scratched their necks until they bled. And then when they came up to me they had these bleeding scabs. It was gross."

Now picture it - girls running up to him with this...

Makes you want to gag a little, huh?

And of course this lovely little tid-bit.. Rob says:
"A mother recently gave me her baby and asked me: 'Can you please bite her head?'"

Hrmm.... I can see "will you take a picture with my baby?" But bite her head.... That's not odd or anything, right?