Jul 3, 2009

Rob Pattinson - Documentary

Didn't I just write about someone who is writing the 'unauthorized biography' on Rob? Well, now someone is getting ready to do his LIFE story.

Clevver TV Reveals Robert Pattinson’s Life Story

Once again, I must reiterate that he is 23 years old, doing his life story is going to be very quick.

Read snippet:
They trace back to his humble beginnings at age six. Then at age 12 ,he started modeling.
At age 15 his acting career started to take off when he landed the role of Cedric in “Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.”

I just don't know what to say - his LIFE story at the ripe old age of 23. And from the description of the Life Story - they are starting at the age of 6 - jumping to 12 when he started modeling. So basically from 12 to 23 will be his LIFE story... a span of 11 years. Man, I'm surprised they haven't done it sooner? I mean 11 years... he's getting up there in the age bracket. Pretty soon he will have to check of the box 25-30! Yikes!

And what's more CLASSY of these people .. they are :
"urging fans, acquaintances, and friends to participate in sending them fan stories, photos, mementos, memorabilia and the like."

How lovely - asking people that were in Rob's life at some point, whether it be an old girlfriend, teacher, gas attendant, whomever... to spill their guts, and give them the juicy details of Rob's life, or show them any letters, momentous anything for this story.

Great idea to betray him, dontcha think? Let's show old letters that Rob wrote in confidence - or tell embarrassing stories about him, or share silly pictures ... what a great idea. (rolling eyes)

Let's be real people -
1. He's too young for his life story - my God with all this Life story, biography
BS.. he's probably going to start fearing that he will drop dead!
2. I hope that NO ONE comes forward to give these people private
information that Rob shared with old friends (or whomever) - thinking
that it was in confidence only to have it turn around and bite him in the ass.