Jul 24, 2009

Rob Pattinson - the headlines never end

Oh boy oh boy ....

Clearly the big news is Comic Con. Yes, Rob, Kristen and Taylor was there. (Taylor is very well-spoken btw) The questions were fine - and of course some jackass asks if they have 'real chemistry' off set ... blah blah - to which the moderator stepped in to save the ridiculousness of it all. What a stupid question to ask - someone literally should have smacked him in the head.

The alerts are going nuts about comic con - which I fully expected. Most of it is the same BS - pictures, videos, etc. But there were some over the top articles that just gave me that 'cringe' feeling.

Because the afore mentioned jackass that had asked the question .. the speculation is on!

Blurb from the silly article talking about how Rob and Kristen behaved after that question:

From then on, however, Rob and Kristen barely looked at each other, and they seemed to be sitting farther and farther apart. Their choice or Summit's? What else went down?
Between press duties, Kristen's even taking her smoking breaks without Rob, who's holing up by himself, all in butch plaid, accompanied by his blondie-gal keeper, no Kristen in sight.

How can people make these assumptions, speculations, guesses.... fiction! There was an interview I saw online AFTER the panel where it was (in this order on the couch) Taylor, Ashley Green, Kristen & Rob. Well, now what can we make up about that? They were 'sitting' next to each other so clearly that means she is pregnant with his love child. Come ON !

The silly article continues:

So far. Interesting, though, gotta tell ya: K.Stew's been takin' her cig breaks with, ahem, Team Jacob! Yes, with Taylor! What the ef's that about? Mr. Lautner, care to explain?

Another silly article - The article is "speculating" (aka making $hit up) that Summit is trying to keep them apart (Rob and Kristen) because in New Moon the relationship between Bella & Jacob is what is more important. The speculation continues to say:

There was some unexplained tension going on between Robsten yesterday, since the real-life couple was entirely separated behind the scenes. Kristen chose to hang with abtastic Taylor Lautner instead.

Where have they come out and said they were a "real-life couple." ? ? And once again, whether or not it's true - WHO CARES...

And to end the article with this class act quote:

Oh, and Rob will be jetting back off to New York, by the way. Hopefully he gets some lovin’ in before then. Or maybe he already has.

That is soooo classy. The media is trying to make such a huge soap opera story where none lies.. "keeping them apart" - "real-life couple" - "Robsten" (hate that one)

It's all just bull$hit to get readers. What in fact, they are doing is making it a lot harder for them to be treated as professionals. All this tabloid attention isn't wonderful for actors, it makes it harder for them professionally & personally.

Wonder what will be next?