Jul 5, 2009

Rob Pattinson -"The Rob Gutter, where dirty minds think alike" or "Rob and Kristen making sweet love as I type this?" Some websites, oy!

I want to touch on a couple of things that I go wind of..

The first being a website called

"The Rob Gutter, where dirty minds think alike."

It's a place where people photoshop and fantasize about him, openly. You have to be 14 to get in, which should be 18, in my opinion. I went in to see if it was as bad as I envisioned it being with a title like that.
And yup, it was a bit much for me. I guess I don't understand how that is paying homage to someone you admire. I understand if you want to fantasize about him - go for it - do whatever you gotta do - but in a public forum? Now imagine if he saw that? Do you think he would be flattered or freaked? I'd go with the latter. Especially the photoshop pictures that have him .. well let's just say photoshopped pictures. I would think that he's be 'a tad' weirded out.

The 2nd thing I wanted to mention is the following title I found:

"Rob and Kristen making sweet love as I type this?"


It’s being reported on Twitter that Rob and Kristen have reunited for the holiday weekend! We are looking into it, and will keep you posted on anything we find!
teamrobstenRT:We can confirm that Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart ARE together right now. Still not sure WHERE they met up but we will get back to you!
Watch this space.We’ll update news as soon as they breaks.Go ROBSTEN!
Thanks Robstenlovers & teamrobsten!
(there are those words I hate again!)

They can confirm that they are together .... hrmmm... no pictures, no credibility, and .. no one 'should' care. Especially with a title like "Rob and Kristen making sweet love as I type this?" PLEASE ... words fail me as to how disrespectful that is, true or not. (Not is my guess - but I know as much as all the fans that DON'T know Rob at all)

I can imagine that their parents (especially Kristen being 19) don't like to read all the sexual innuendos or speculation about what their daughter is doing. Imagine your parents reading shit like this? The last think you want is your parents hearing about your sexual activities, doesn't matter if you are 19 or 39 .. it still grosses you out. I have 2 children myself .. and I figure that now there is no doubt my parents know I've had sex... ew... maybe that's my issues crossing over. But I know if I read stuff like this about my kids .. I want to smack someone upside the head. Especially seeing photoshopped pictures of them "together" in compromising positions.