Jul 3, 2009

Rob Pattinson vs. Chuck Norris ... Rob and Ernie

When I saw this in my in box - I ignored it because I thought it was so dumb. But I had to comment because I had roughly 10 emails about THIS!

Apparently Mike Welch did an interview and because he was on a episode of Texas Ranger 10 years ago .. 'they' HAD to find a way to connect it to Rob Pattinson. Makes sense right? Questions like who has a better beard? Who looks better in jeans? These are probing questions that are on the minds of people everywhere. Yeah, right.

Poor Mike Welch or anyone connected to Twilight. If they are doing an interview they know that the real reason they are being interviewed is to eventually get dirt on Rob. Because why else on EARTH would you ask 'who smells better?' regarding Chuck Norris vs. Rob Pattinson?!?!

Reaching... reaching....

Although .. I was thinking.. Now we all know Rob's hair is famous for its unkempt look and wildness.. I think I know where he got his inspiration. It's very clear now. He took a childhood love and used it to help him reach the level of stardom he is at now. I'll show you and you will agree..