Jul 6, 2009

"Shooting 'Remember Me' has made 'Twilight' star Robert Pattinson sick of New York, and its women" & more "Kristen is pregnant rumors"

Says the article:

Robert is dying to get back home," says an insider. "He's so over everything. He's overwhelmed by all the girls — they terrify him! He says girls grab his neck and clothing all of the time, and he’s not used to that. Fans don’t do that to him in London. Everyone there is a little cooler about the fame thing, which is what he’s used to.”

“He’s embarrassed by the way girls throw themselves at him. The girls here are stalking him. He stayed in two different hotels over the course of four days just to try to escape the fans who were following him. He's afraid that if he gives a hand, they’ll take the whole arm. He’s being advised by security not to encourage the crowd, so he doesn’t even look up anymore."

Again, like any other article this may be complete BS - but I'll tell you, it's way more believable than many, of the other crazy articles I've read. I know most guys would think that it would be a dream come true to have thousands of women hurling themselves at you .. willing to do ANYTHING to get close to you. Well, maybe some guys would want that, but in all honestly.. as you can see from the many pictures taken from the set of "Remember Me" and "New Moon" it's more dangerous than flattering. Literally Rob can not go out of his trailer without and entourage of security guys surrounding him. He can not walk off the set without fear of being trampled by excited girls - that seem to be ranging in age from 14 - 45. If he wants a cup of coffee ... then he has to go incognito, hide behind cars, buildings and trees... sneak in with a mask on and order his coffee. Or he can try his usual disguise - black hoodie and glasses ... yet that only makes him look like the uni-bomber.

So sadly, his impression of some of his fans are .... well a bunch of nutballs wanting to tear his clothes off. (Luckily he does have some supporters - like the many I've spoken to - who really are respectful of his space and work. Those are the ones I hope he remembers.




Back to more rumors that Kristen Stewart is pregnant. Here we go again.

A snippet of the article :

Twi-hards are in for the shock of their lives, if the word of one Australian tabloid is to be believed.
The real-life secret romance between Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson is in turmoil after Kristen discovered she could be in the early stages of pregnancy with the actor’s baby.
“When she worked out she was late, she obviously started to thinking that she could be pregnant,” says a pal. “And because of the timing, she thinks Rob could be the father.”
Kristen, who is also reportedly dating Michael Angarano, is so nervous over what a pregnancy test could reveal, she sent a friend to the drug store to purchase a home kit.
“Kristen asked one of her friends to buy the test because she was worried about someone seeing her at the drug store,” an mutual friend of the young stars revealed to NW Magazine this week. “She’s very nervous about the whole situation.”

Ok let us start with the logical shall we?

These 2 (Rob & Kristen) can not take a pi$$ without being filmed, or snapped by paparazzi.
And this article says Kristen is in the early stages of pregnancy.

This is a recent picture of her ... she looks very UNpregnant to me. And if she WAS in the early stages of pregnancy then there would have been pictures splashed all over every tabloid internet site that they got together recently.
So once again - BS!! Like I said before in my previous blog here.