Aug 5, 2009

Are you fu-reakin' kidding me??

Ok this is the blurb from an email alert:

Robert Pattinson's Sperm Can Finally Be Yours
At last, celebrity look-alike sperm donors are here.

A lot of people want Brad Pitt's sperm. And Robert Pattinson's. And Johnny Depp's. And now, thanks to Cryobank sperm bank, they can — sort of.
Merging the science of assisted reproduction with the art of pop culture whoredom, Cryobank allows clients to select sperm from donors who supposedly look like celebrities.

Unreal. The headline says "Robert Pattinson's sperm can finally be yours." Are you KIDDING ME!? Can you imagine reading this article about you. They are talking about your freakin' sperm!?

And if that article isn't disturbing enough, this is for people that want to have artificial insemination (which I support fully) - but with celebrity look-alikes. So they can have babies that LOOK like Rob Pattinson or Brad Pitt. I.. mean... I'm not even sure what to say about this except YUCK and EW.

I am constantly surprised at the articles I find about Rob. Just when I can't think it will get any worse. . . BOOM. . . there is an article about this. I can't believe it.

Let's play a game, shall we? Words that come to mind when you read this article about Rob..
  • Inappropriate
  • Disrespectful
  • Nasty
  • outrageous
  • Horrifying
  • sadness...

Anyone else?