Aug 10, 2009

Chia Pet and Morning rituals

The Twilight world is a buzz - even more the Rob world - with the Teen Choice awards. I must say I missed them. I 'think' they were on last night, or tonight.. anyway I did my research to find what I usually find - read my alerts etc... More lovely stories about Rob.

The one that stuck out to me this time was the story relating to the Entertainment Tonight interview where they cast rags on Rob while he is not present. It's VERY entertaining. It's also very clear that this cast is tight. Clearly they have gone through something that most of us will never understand. One minute they are all not very recognizable to POOF can't move without swarms of people coming at you.

I've been watching a lot of the interviews (or reading) with other cast members in twilight and I'll bet they are a little sick of answering questions about Rob.. I could be wrong, I certainly don't know first hand - but for the last year as Rob's fame has gotten completely out of control, it seems that anyone that knows him, has ever known him or will know him .. is questioned about him. It would bug the hell out of me.

Anyway, the ET interviewer jokes regarding Rob's hair and whether or not it's real. And Kristen makes a joke that he gets up every morning and sprays it on - and that it's a chia pet. It was quite funny. But low and behold.... the fact that someone can take THAT comment and insinuate that Kristen 'knows' Rob's MORNING RITUALS!!

Ok this is the blurbs:
Kristen Stewart may have inadvertently revealed that she’s very familiar with an intimate morning ritual of rumored boyfriend Robert Pattinson during a video interview with Entertainment Tonight after the 2009 Teen Choice Awards on 09 August 2009.


Although Kristen Stewart may have been joking about the chia pet, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was very familiar with the morning, noon and evening rituals of Robert Pattinson.

It simply does NOT matter what Kristen or Rob say or do, even when either of them are so clearly joking or mocking or whatever.... these writers take it and twist/turn/stretch/reach or do whatever they have to do to make it some sexual innuendo between the two.

Here is the ET interview - it's cute.