Aug 3, 2009

Rob Pattinson - How do people 'KNOW' ..... stuff

I have a few things to talk about (what else is new right?)

Ok so my email alerts told me a few things today.
Blurb #1
Robert Pattinson likes experimenting with his food.Our favourite vampire has started cooking for himself.
Now it seems he is enjoying using his first microwave.Rob is spending a lot of his time looking for new things he can shove in his microwave.He's tried most things, even microwaving a carrot.

How on EARTH does anyone know what he does or doesn't do with his microwave. Or why do people deem this newsworthy? And IF someone he knows is "leaking" this super secretive information (gasp) - why would someone he trusts do that?

I swear this ca ca is made up.

And Blurb #2
Robert Pattinson smells disgusting and has homeless person hair
Robert Pattinson is not hot, good looking, or attractive for many reasons.
1. He's SmellyThe guy is rumored to shower like... once in a blue moon. Ew? I mean, how can you not be showering everyday when you're a CELEBRITY? Even Lindsay Lohan or Amy Winehouse who are constantly drunk have better personal hygene than he does. That's disgusting.It's known that Rob smells bad even during the filming of the highly anticipated movie, New Moon. That's sad when a cast member tells tabloids that you smell.
2. His HairThere's a fine line between acceptable scruffy-unkempt hair and disgusting homeless person hair. Robert Pattinson drove past that line a few years ago. Birds probably use his hair as a nest, that's all I have to say.

First off let me say this was written by a male. (jealous?) Secondly, how often has this insane rumor about his personal scent been going around because he made 1 off handed remark... MONTHS now.
I believe it's funny that all of these "insiders say" or "a crew member" or what have you... all these stories about how he smells. Like I've said before, c'mon. Do you really think he reeks? That he walks around it clothes that haven't been washed in months, or he hasn't taken a shower in months.... c'mon peeps - think logically.
"Homeless person hair," now THAT is funny. This guy who wrote this must REEEEAAALLLYY be jealous of the attention. I've never seen a homeless person with hair like that.