Aug 18, 2009

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Nuzzle at Concert

Shout out to my girl, Jill!! Thanks for sending me this info!

Apparently Rob isn't engaged? Or is he engaged & having a relationship with Kristen. These stories come out so fast, they constantly contradict each other. One minute Rob is cheating .. Rob is dating (insert name here) ... Rob is ENGAGED!... now Rob and Kristen are "photographed kissing" in Vancouver "proving" that they are a couple.

People SUCK.
They are out, watching a concert and some jackass is sneaking pictures of them. SNAP SNAP SNAP.... from wherever they were lurking. And yes, I saw the pictures, and NO I didn't see any pictures of them kissing. I saw them sitting next to each other. I saw them lean over to each other when they would speak (which makes sense.. if you have ever been to a concert - you have to scream or lean in someones ear so they can hear you).. Then of course there is this picture - THE SMOKING GUN!

THIS is the photo that is PROOF?? Looks to me like he's leaning in to HEAR her again. I see no kissing what-so-ever.. am I missing something?
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Now on to story #2 I found...

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart To Live Together

I'm actually laughing at this point because in the last few days, like I said before, he's gone from Being with Kristen, to being dumped by Kristen to being engaged to some secret squirrel girlfriend of 4 years, to "PROOF" that they are together, now .... moving in together.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are set to take their relationship to the next level — they’re reportedly making plans to live together!

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart To Live Together
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are set to take their relationship to the next level — they’re reportedly making plans to live together!
The couple — who were snapped making out during a Kings Of Leon concert

Saturday night — will move in to a luxury home in Los Angeles when they’ve finished filming Eclipse — the third installment in the Twilight Series, which is being shot in Vancouver, Canada.
“It was only a matter of time,” Gordon Rael, a close friend of the couple, told Australian tabloid NW. “They’re a perfect match on and off screen, so they are right to trust their instincts and give this a proper shot.”
“I still don’t know the ins and outs, [but] we’re incredibly proud of him,” Pattinson’s aunt Diane Nutley said of the actor’s romance with Stewart.
“Kristen and Rob have already moved into a hotel suite together as a trial run for sharing a home,” a source added.
Insiders recently confirmed Rob and Kristen had “hooked up”.
“They’ve decided to be more public about going out now,” a source told Us Weekly. “They’re not boyfriend and girlfriend, but they’ve definitely hooked up.”

Oy vey. It's so silly I can't even find the words to comment. Either they read this crap and laugh hysterically - or sooner or later, they will run into the night screaming because I'm not sure how much 2 people can be expected to take before they crack.

They are just 2 people, everyone. They eat, drink, sleep, hang out just like we all do. Just like we did in our teens and twenties (and like some of us) our thirties! Don't they deserve just a little privacy? Does being a celebrity mean "too bad you knew this going in, you should expect it?"