Aug 13, 2009

Robert Pattinson ‘Worried Kristen Stewart Will Fall For Taylor Lautner’

Robert Pattinson ‘Worried Kristen Stewart Will Fall For Taylor Lautner’

That is the title of an article I found regarding the most popular "couple" on the internet right now. So, apparently Rob is all worried that Kristen is going to fall in love with her co-star Taylor.

Robert Pattinson is worried that his rumored girlfriend Kristen Stewart will end up falling in love with their Twilight costar Taylor Lautner, it has been claimed.
A source told American tabloid Star that Lautner, 17, “definitely has a crush on Kristen. She treats him like a little brother.”
The publication also claims Taylor and Kristen, 19, were “inseparable” during the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles Sunday.

Kristen’s close relationship with the bulked-up teen, the insider says, has Rob running scared.
“Rob is really nervous that Kristen will fall for Taylor’s charms,” a source said.

Those infamous "sources" seem to be at it again. Blabbing, sneaking, plotting, leaking or whatever it is they do - private information. Well, hrmmm.. again, these "sources" or "insiders" or "a close friend" etc., are most likely all made up or are people who met them once and are the "insiders" giving the information.

It's amazing how quickly things change. Wasn't Kristen pregnant a couple of months ago?? Now she's going to fall in love with her other co-star and Rob is pining away for her. Things change so fast - it's hard to keep up!

What a laugh they must get out of this! Well, laugh or super ANGRY. At this point I'd be at the angry point, and that's putting it mildly. I don't know HOW Rob doesn't end having a freakin' nervous breakdown.

2nd thing to mention is - Blurb:

'Twilight' Star Peter Facinelli Confirms that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Do Not Twitter

So, once again people - they aren't on any media outlets, or any that we will know about. So don't believe the posers.