Aug 7, 2009

Sneaky Rob Pattinson - trying to DRIVE in public

He can't drive a car-or go anywhere without serious scrutiny.

Oh, your'e a sneaky one, Robert Pattinson. While the rest of their castmates are up in Vancouver perparing to film the Twilight sequel Eclips, R-Pattz and Kristen Stewart have hung back in Los Angeles. And as it turns out, paparazzi spotted Pattinson climbing behind the wheel and zipping away from Stewarts L.A. home today.
Hmm; were they getting in a little Robsten time before the hard work starts up north?

Once again - there are using that stupid name Robsten. How idiotic to morph their names together as if they can't be separated now. And "oh my God' - he was (allegedly) at Kristen's house??? The scandal! Why on earth would Rob go out and visit his good friend Kristen?? Must be something sexual right?

or this:

Nice try, Robert Pattinson - but keeping the top up on your convertible can't disguise the fact that you're driving away from Kristen Stewart's home!

Please - I think he has no illusions that he can disguise himself at all.

And this was the most DISRESPECTFUL blurb:
Yesterday, Robert Pattinson was photographed allegedly leaving Kristen Stewart’s home. His ride was a sweet-looking Porsche, but nevermind that. If this is true… (big if)… was he finally allowed into K-Stew’s secret garden? Are they doing it, for the love of God? I need to know! I actually think they’ve probably already slept together, and he’s desperate to get back into her pants. And into her heart! What are we going to do with Robert Pattinson? He’s a gentle soul, our Sparkles.

That whole article is just nothing but idiotic banter. It’s just rude, disrespectful and pathetic. These writers never cease to amaze me at the lengths they will go through to get readers, or traffic on their site or whatever they are trying to gain. To say things (such as above) not giving a SH*T about their feelings or who will read this (i.e. family members, close friends what have you) is just..... icky. (Most appropriate word, dontcha think?)

Oh and this last one is funny…
Robert Pattinson texts & calls Kristen Stewart 400 times a month.

Really? Does he? And how in the heyall would anyone know that.. and if he does big whoop– I text with my best bud a TON in a month span.
Wait...Oh crap, maybe that means we are in a sexual relationship??

Uh-oh.. I better tell my husband!