Aug 20, 2009

Some many Rob Pattinson stories - so little time!

Ok first article to talk about

Headline reads...

Rob Pattinson Dead

Really? I see, so the 150 thousand photographers & even more nutty fans that follow him on a daily basis must be missing something. I bow my head and shake it back and forth wondering why & how stuff like this gets started. Some ding dong writes a random article and WHOOSH, the internet is on fire regarding Rob Pattinsons untimely death.

I wonder if he knows he dead? Someone should tell him.

Ok next story...

New Moon’s Robert Pattinson Sporting a New Nose?


Robert Pattinson, teen heartthrob du jour, has catapulted to superstardom following his enchanting portrayal of Edward Cullen in the blockbuster Twilight saga. But with the release of the trailer for New Moon, some are wondering whether the Hollywood hunk also got a new nose.

Then there's more blah blah blah and this...

As to whether he had a rhinoplasty, the answer is no.

So this comes from an internet website all about plastic surgery. What they have clearly done to drive website traffic is to lead you in with Rob and his 'possibility' of a new nose. Then, they explain why he hasn't had one. Desperate for hits so they make up a whole scenario about Rob and his nose!

I see NO evidence of a nose job, you?