Aug 30, 2009

Updates!! So sorry it's been so long!!

Hey everyone!
I'm so sorry it's been so long that I've updated. Long story that I'm SURE you don't want to hear - so on to the updates!

So I hear that Pattinson, Stewart ‘set to buy $3m love nest’.

Still, that hasn’t stopped sites like Showbiz Spy from reporting that the two “Twilight” stars are looking at a 3-bedroom, $3 million home that comes complete with a pool, hot tub, and a bunch of fireplaces.
The blog, attributing quotes to a National Enquirer source, writes, “Kristen wants a super-romantic place to share with Rob in Los Angeles.” The tale goes on to say that she “showed Rob the photos [of the house] and he thought it was perfect. Even though Kristen is buying it, she wants Rob to be happy with it too. "She’s been calling it their ‘future love nest’…”

Can you see Kristen Stewart saying it's their "future love nest.." I can't see anyone saying that stupid line.
The fact that people even quote or READ the National Enquirer is beyond me. Crazy

Next headline:
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in hot and heavy hotel hook-up!
(sections of the article)

According to some anonymous but apparently unimpeachable source, Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are spending most of their off-set time behind closed doors in Rob's hotel room at the Vancouver Sheraton Wall Centre.
The source, and the tabloid press, are saying that the 23 year old British actor and the 19 year old American actress, collectively known as "Robsten," are making like their fictional counterparts Edward and Bella, and have taken their relatonship to "the next level."
The two are in Vancouver filming Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight series.The source told OK!, "They're hiding out at the *******, while most of the cast is over at the nearby ******** - they have separate rooms booked but are spending pretty much every night together in Rob's suite...When they're not working, they're mainly locked away with a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door. When you see them, the both look like they can't stop smiling. It's so adorable."
OMG! Sounds super-awesome!
"From the moment of their first embrace, it was clear the romance was going to pick up right where it left off," the unnamable source said. "Rob always thought Kris was gorgeous, but when he saw her in San Diego, he was blown away. The young girl he left behind in June had blossomed into a sexy rocker goddess."
Rob has taken the "sexy rocker goddess" on several dates, most recently to a Kings of Leon show on August 15 (and by the way, the Kings will not be appearing on the New Moon soundtrack, having deemed it "not in their best interests").
As one observer remarked, “They weren’t shy about cuddling up and kissing. They looked so happy and they were having a blast.”

Once again we have our oh so reliable anonymous source. And what is this all about collectively known as "Robsten." Who decided that they are 1 person now? I've mentioned this before but I CAN NOT stand when the media decides to meld 2 celebrities names together to make them one as if they have NO other identity then to be with each other. oy..

I obviously ***** the names of the hotels because again, I think that is so dangerous and irresponsible giving out that information KNOWING the crowds of girls that will stalk.. er I mean gather outside places where Rob is staying.

And last but not least I found this a bit funny....

They had pictures of Rob on the set of Eclipse walking around in costume. And this was one of the photos they decided to do a close up on.

Big news - Rob is drinking ....... A COKE! I Dunno