Sep 21, 2009

4 days - sorry!! Tweets and Wetness!

Ok I'm so sorry again - usually I'm not this bad with updates but oy times flies!

Here we go..
First story that I can't get away from is how Rob has made is first "Tweet" (what a stupid word)
This is the big deal that has been occupying tons of gossip sites & celebrity juice sites..

Thanks a million. Here’s Rob… Hi, it’s Rob… My first and last tweet. My dad made me do it.

Well, that was newsworthy wasn't it? At least now people may start to actually BELIEVE that he is not on twitter .. or he's not anywhere that any fan would find.


Here are more riveting pictures of Rob that the paparazzi snapped in his face a million times ..

Literally that is the shot - except it is over and over and over and over again. Him walking to or from wherever the heck he was.... oh and clearly, he's wet. ONE picture would suffice, no? Why 20 + pictures of him walking, looking down (which he is doing so he can at least get to his destination with out being blinded by a million flashing lights). Is it necessary to have all these pictures of him with hoodies and glasses and baseball hats on .... walking? I got a good idea to all the paparazzi, why not leave him alone? I know it sounds simple. But we all know we he looks like walking. There is about a gazillion pictures of him... walking.

Oh and by the way - the headline for these pictures are :
Robert Pattinson Parties Hard in Vancouver

Which hmm.. not sure you can tell that by how he is walking? Unless he has a bottle of grey goose hanging out of his mouth and he's falling over with his eyes rolled back in his head - there is no evidence whether he partied hard or not...

Yet the ARTICLE says:
The 23-year-old hunk, sporting all black and grey with a hoodie, reportedly joined other members of his Eclipse cast for a low-key party.

Partied hard - or - low key? If you are going to make crap up, you should at least be consistent in your article!