Sep 15, 2009

Corn fields & Steriods & vulagrity! OH MY

I have some WONDERFUL readers that send me some of these most outlandish articles..

I will being with this article:

Love Song of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to Shatter Brokenhearted Teenage Ear Drums

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart claim to be "taking it slow," as in, not getting married yet, denying recent reports that Pattinson proposed to Stewart. However, we can probably project, for all of you stalkerish teenage Pattinson fans who have come to the site via search results, and would like to kill Kristen Stewart in cold blood, or at the very least, see her be cast out of the Twilight universe, that (A) she's not going anywhere and (B) unlike the characters of Stephanie Meyer's ridiculous vampire chastity universe, well: they're probably f******. Have a nice Sunday, kids!

How does one comment on such a statement.

Clearly you see I **** the swear word. Can you guess what it is? I thought so. How creative of some jacka** to write such a lovely sentiment. How (as my reader put it) VULGAR can you be. We all know a lot of the media & internet "journalists" (I say that with a grain of salt) sometimes say the most disrespectful, inane, ridiculous, unfounded, FICTION that they can muster up. Agree? It's so inspiring to see a someone write such a eloquent statement such as "they're probably f******," don't you think? Took a lot of thought, and creativity to come up with that statement. Not only is it complete speculation in this persons empty head - but this person also expressed it in the most rude and raw way - to SHOCK you. Well, surprise - surprise .... it may have shocked some, but to most .... it just made them feel sorry (and probably angry) towards this person who thinks that a good way to get readers is to use shocking language and in your face statements that are unproven.

Bad Sequel: No Juice to Robert Pattinson Steroids Claim

Gossip Cop follows all things “Twilight” pretty closely, but can’t recall EVER hearing accusations that the British heartthrob was, as they say, ‘on the juice.’ So it was suspicious when outlets today began to pick up quotes that Stewart “recently” gave reporters, supposedly about Pattinson’s body. “Yes, he’s jacked. It’s absolutely crazy,” the actress said, adding, “He’s definitely not on steroids.”
Hmm. Wasn’t most of the talk on the “New Moon” set (back when they were, you know, filming it instead of the next installment, “Eclipse”) about how Taylor Lautner beefed up for his role as hunky Jacob Black?
Yeah, it was – and so were Stewart’s quotes. She gave them while promoting “Adventureland” at a press junket way back in March, and she was talking about Lautner, not Pattinson.

Ahh so here we go again. Let's find SOME news, something juicy (no pun intended) to keep the wheels of the Twilight Gossip Train oiled up. I have already spoken of this - and the current rumor that was (or is) starting, that Rob is on steriods. And of course the big news was that Kristen had debunked any rumor that Rob was on steriods... but alas, the quotes were supposedly taken from an article when she was speaking of Taylor beefing up for New Moon. So the speculation about Rob remains .... out there.

Once again - I ask you - This is a picture of Rob (looking thrilled at another person flashing a blub in his face) on the set of "Remember Me." Does this boy REALLY look like he is on steriods????


In case you can't see it clearly - I guess you could call it one of those crop circles yet it is in the image of Taylor that says "team jacob" under his face - and Rob that says "team Edward."
(this was in Northern Utah)

Don't know what to say about that one - except maybe....whoa.
Shock 3