Sep 17, 2009

More sightings of the 2 love birds ... odd thing though

Very strange ...
Lots of email alerts & research on Rob today and most of the articles that came up spoke of ...
Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Shopping Date
Robert and Kristen take their high-end love to the streets during Eclipse filming break.
Yet there is NO pictures, nothing, nada, zip..

The fashion in which one presents him- or herself in a romantic situation is clearly important to both Rob and Kristen—read that last line like this: they like to shop. Paparazzi caught them out this week at *********, a rock and hippie-inspired chain boutique featuring "Classic vintage style for your inner rock star." They took their time shopping for the standard fare like jackets, pants and t-shirts and apparently fans clamored for photos with the Twilight's-most-wanted duo, as did the shopkeeper. According to reports, Rob and Kris happily obliged.

What I find extremely odd is the line "Paparazzi caught them out this week at ****." So I suppose the paparazzi decided to be respectful of the 2 and not take a single picture. They decided to just look at them and "catch" them together shopping, but not take a single photograph. Is it me or does anyone else find that to be a load of BS. Whether or not it's true, there is no way that the paparazzi would ever pass up an opportunity to take a picture of Rob - let alone if he is out with Kristen.

I saw this article over and over again - and the only picture that DID come up was this one:

Which is clearly from the set of New Moon, you can see the fountain in the background.

So I don't believe for a second that they went out - or if they did - I don't believe they were caught by any paparazzi, once again I believe this to be a


So this was the other article I found interesting:
Recently sources close to the couple have confirmed that the two are indeed dating.

“Rob and Kristen are definitely together. Rob has been crazy about Kristen since they first started filming Twilight. Even though Kristen had a boyfriend at the time, Rob made sure she knew he was crazy about her,” a source told OK! magazine. (Notice a 'source')

OK! also reports that the two are spending nights together at Pattinson’s suite at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center while they are shooting the sequel to Twilight. Sources say that the two seem deeply in love with each other.

While the couple usually keeps their romance low profile, they displayed their affection for all to see by making out during an August 15th Kings of Leon concert held in Vancouver’s GM Palace arena. (Once again, I wrote about this in a previous article - but the pictures that supposedly 'proved' they were kissing.. was a joke! It was a picture of them sitting next to each other - big freakin' deal)

Studio bosses are not too thrilled about the couple’s openly romantic displays. An insider tells OK! that the studios “fear that if a romance between Rob and Kristen is confirmed Twilight fans won’t buy into the screen chemistry between Taylor and Kris.”
(This to me seems insane. I wonder.. when Brad Pitt was in that Benjamin Button movie, do you think that the producers said "tone down your relationship with Angelina because we want it to be believable that you are with Cate Blanchett. COME ON. I believe that the audience understand that this is indeed a movie, and that Kristen and Taylor are NOT REALLY in love. Not to mention that even though the characters come close to hooking up in New Moon - we all KNOW that Edward and Bella end up together. More BS)
This may be the reason why the couple has toned down their relationship while working.
“There are these subtle pats and glances on set, but they save the real kisses for after the sun goes down, late at night, when you see them disappear into their hotel,” a source tells OK!.
(Now this just makes me REALLY p-o'ed. Give me a break. "They save the real kisses for after the sun goes down.." What are we in 1st grade? AND how in the HEYALL does anyone know what they do when they (or anyone for that matter) is alone. COME ON! I read that sentence and I literally cringe. GAH-ROW UP!)