Sep 28, 2009

Poor Rob - walking again

Thanks to one of my awesome readers - she sent me a video from TMZ where one of their staffers was arguing, basically with everyone else, how Rob NEVER has a girl with him and that he must be A-Sexual.

Clearly the woman who is making her theory known - has no supporters from the other staff members.
I wonder, could it be he doesn't walk with women because of the speculation that happens the MINUTE he is seen with someone?
He walked with Camilla Belle and BOOM they are an item.. he goes out with a mysterious blonde and speculation starts until of course it's found out there the mysterious blonde was HIS SISTER!
This is why he walks alone - to avoid the next day on the cover of every magazine saying "Rob's mystery girl!"


There is about 50 pictures of Rob walking from the cab to the hotel - and of course the caption said "Rob out after a heavy night of drinking." Wonder how they know that? I don't see him falling down, or puking, or carrying a bottle of booze.. why is that the caption and not "Rob coming back to his hotel." Or more important .... WHY IS THERE YET ANOTHER PICTURE OF HIM WALKING FROM A CAB TO ANYPLACE!


So I read this :
Reported that the digital company, Konami is going to bring life-life involvement between the players and the characters and much of the actual film footage will be used to create the video game. If this is a hit, and bets are on that it will be, sequels are sure to follow. This video is going to be the ultimate buy for Twilight fans or Twi-hards because long after the films have left theaters, the player can zone into altered reality and be in the Twilight films with their favorite stars at the touch of a button. Once again, The Nintendo Wii Scene it? Twilight will be released this fall…so keep an eye out for it.

Now, I have nothing against a video game about vampires killing the bad guys blah blah. One more violent video game. Yet I do wonder if the video game should be poor Rob ducking paparazzi - and him running from fans! That seems more realistic, no? :) hehe