Sep 2, 2009

Rob Pattinson - engaged.. No, he's not-fyi.. weird pictures..

Let's sell magazines, and how do we do that .. Pinocchio

Not even a hint on the cover that it's in the movie Eclipse that Edward gets engaged to Bella. Now for the hardcore book fans that know the stories, I'll bet they figured it out. BUT to the millions of screaming teens, I'm thinking that they were freaking out. Happy? Sad? Not sure but none the less freaking out.

But these rumored new roommates are trying to keep the PDA to a minimum, insiders confirm, saving "real kisses for after the sun goes down... when you see them disappear into their hotel."

Amazing - the 2 of them are trying to stay out of the spotlight while filming yet the rumors don't even soften.... they just continue to grow and even if there is nothing there, they make it up! Or make it SOUND like there is something there. (i.e. ENGAGED!)

Just a revisit from something Rob said before but repeated in his latest French interview..

"I was in a restaurant during a break at Cannes, and when I came out two hours later, 500 people were waiting for me at the exit. They literally had to carry me to the car."

I wonder what all those girls/women would say to him if he actually stopped and say "what?"

And this is just TOO disturbing to even make a comment about - but I found this picture of Rob and Kristen morphed together. .