Sep 13, 2009

Rob Pattinson & streroids?

This baffles me - on where it even started..

Kristen Stewart has denied that Twilight and New Moon co-star Robert Pattinson is on steroids.

This one seems so odd. Why would anyone think he's on steroids? I mean there is only 150 thousand pictures of him floating around any given day. Does he LOOK like he's on 'roids? He looks to me like he needs to eat at an Italian house for a while (I can say this because I'm Italian) - he's a tad thin!

Asked about the difference in his physical appearance between Twilight and New Moon, where the interviewed noted that he “looks like he’s almost on steroids”, Kristen replied: “He's definitely not on steroids.”
However, she did confirm that he’s looking even hunkier for the new movie, saying: “He's jacked. It's absolutely crazy.”

Ok Rob in Twilight:

Rob in New Moon:

In this picture obviously he has his shirt off, but if you look at the 2 pictures, his body type doesn't look that different. He may be a bit more toned and added a tiny bit of weight. And in my humble opinion - I tend to think that the rumors he may have had a little make up help in the abs department may have a little validity. Not that there is anything wrong with it at all. Do you have ANY idea how much time you have to work out DAILY to get a six pack and have the perfectly toned body? More than that I would think he has ..
Now if Rob emerged in New Moon looking like this :

Then ok, I could see the speculation of steroids - but come on people be serious. Stop trying to make stories where none exist!