Sep 12, 2009

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: The Secluded Getaway - Fact or Fiction

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: The Secluded Getaway!

Uh uh, so supposedly they ran off together to spend quality time alone.

While paparazzi clamor for a shot of this couple on the set of Eclipse, and fans cross out the days on their calendar until New Moon opens on November 20, the hottest couple in Hollywood took a break from it all last month.
“Rob has wanted to get away with Kristen for a while now, somewhere really quiet that’s not full of tourists,” an insider said to Star. “He asked around and settled on ********.”

Vacationing on this ******** off the southwest coast of ********, Robsten stayed in an intimate, two-bedroom bed and breakfast. They kept to themselves, wearing baseball caps and sunglasses the entire weekend.
Said a source: “The weather was really nice and there are a lot of outdoorsy things to do, but they just stayed in their room most of the time."
Gee, we wonder why? ;)

Ok - let me start off by saying I have NO CLUE whether this is true or not. But let's just say for the sake of argument that it's false. Is it me or is this a very easy story to make up. First of as you know I ***** the places in case this story is true because like I've said a million times their location should NOT be advertised for obvious reasons. Now for this to be true, they would have to sneak away - off set - where I'm SURE there are paparazzi everywhere waiting for a glimpse of them so they can take a million pictures of them walking, or drinking a coke. My guess is it would be VERY hard for them to 'sneak' away. Not to mention the fact that they are filming. You don't get a lot of time off when you're filming. As a person that is trying to break into the film industry, I can tell you that from my experience being on set - it's work work work oh and then some more work. (Which is mostly hurry up and sit and wait)

And of course "They kept to themselves, wearing baseball caps and sunglasses the entire weekend." Is that a huge leap to make? Is that what they ALWAYS wear? And where are the pictures? For God sakes people take pictures of them in a theatre watching a show - they aren't going to take pictures of them on a romatic get-a-way weekend? Yeah right.

I'd love to gather all these people together in a room:
"an insider says"
"an Eclipse insider reports"
"an anonymous source"
"a close friend"
"a family member"
"a hotel employee"

And one of two things would happen:
1.) I'd have to smack them all in the face for opening their mouths about stuff they shouldn't ..

2.) or I'd be standing in a room alone.