Sep 24, 2009

Target practice - and the wanted man

Since this came from a tabloid rag - I'm sure it is false, but the concept is believable.

Robert Pattinson Uses Pictures Of His Face As Target Practice?
The Twilight star is sick of seeing himself everywhere...
Fed up with seeing his picture looking back at him from magazine covers, the Twilight heartthrob has supposedly started venting his displeasure by defacing them!
“Rob got a magazine cover with a picture of his face on it and pinned it to a dartboard that was in his trailer,” a source tells the National Enquirer.“He took shots at it and asked everyone else to do the same."
Olivia Wilde may have been onto something when she said Rob's fame was getting "dangerous."

Does he do this? Who knows but I can certainly see why he'd want to. With photographers flashing bulbs in his face hundreds of times every time he walks out the door and crazy fans grabbing him on the street and security on occasions having to lift him (literally) from one place to another ... I can see where this could be true.

Everywhere he turns his face is plastered on tons of magazines with outrageous headlines. Because he is the hot commodity of the moment everyone in Hollywood wants a piece of him. I worry that his fame is shooting up so fast that he will either 'crack' under all this pressure or fall just as fast as he rose. People are putting him up on such a high pedestal that he can't possibly meet the expectations that everyone has of him. They have made him into a character of himself. I can't imagine the pressure.
And of course this lovely little quote from a D list celeb expert :
In other news, comedian Kathy Griffin recently expressed a preference for Pattinson over his Twilight co-star, Taylor Lautner. Griffin joked with reporters, giving underlying reference to Pattinson's Twilight character, Edward Cullen:
"He looks like he's about to die anyway, so I've got to grab him and f*** him while I can."
How classy.

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