Oct 30, 2009

Want Robert Pattinson In Your Panties? - OH MY GOD

In my research for the most absurd and inappropriate etc., articles - I came across this headline..
Want Robert Pattinson In Your Panties?
And the pictures that went along with it ....

If the picture above isn't disturbing enough...

A picture of his MOUTH in the crotch of the underwear.... I don't even know where to start on this!

First of all ... EW!

Second of all ... His MOTHER (you know) will see this & he then HE will know she saw it ! Embarrassment ALL around. Plus all his friends... just disturbing.

And what Mom will buy those for their daughter?

For any of you hoping to get RPattz to venture underneath your pants, these customized panties featuring the actor in his most famous role to date would be right up your alley.

I'm under the impression that these are not actually going to be mass produced - and we all breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Once again - big shout out to Colleen!

So in my last article OK magazine reported that Kristen and Rob broke up. Well Colleen found this article:

Rob and Kristen Holed Up at Chateau Marmont!


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart wasted no time, um, possibly getting to business, once they landed in L.A. yesterday. Think they're finally answering our pleas to show us all a li'l more kissy stuff?
After they wrapped Eclipse early Thursday morning, the duo left Vancouver only to check in to the Chateau Marmont together yesterday afternoon.
Check it out:
A source close to the couple (insert rolling eyes here) tells us that Rob and Kristen were driven into Chateau's private valet Thursday evening.
"They went straight up to a room," says a hotel source. "No one saw them the rest of the night."
Why are we not surprised?

I love the innuendos (insert sarcasm here). "getting to business" - "show us all a li'l more kissy stuff" .... Don't you feel all warm and fuzzy?

Oh My God - I was just searching a website I use to get a little graphic that says Happy Halloween.. and one of the graphics that came up was this:

How? Huh? Really??


Oct 28, 2009

It’s Over for Rob & Kristen

OK! EXCLUSIVE: It’s Over for Rob & Kristen

Uh huh....

So here we go (Thank you Colleen!)

According to a friend of the couple, R-Pattz has been getting too serious too quickly for the likes of 19-year-old Kristen.
“Rob was talking marriage,” says the source, who explains that the relationship was also stealing all of Kristen’s attention and keeping her from spending time with her friends and family. “She told him they need to take a break.”

Boy this magazine must have secret people stashed all over the place to get these stories they get. I mean wow this magazine must be credible, no?

Let's look at previous OK magazine covers, shall we?

Oct 25, 2009

Rob admits he is Edward Cullen / Kristen is a Liar? uh huh

Lovely little deceiving article that came to me.

Blaring headline saying

Robert Pattinson Admits He Really Is Edward Cullen
Hrmm.... I read this and though, what? What poop is this now?
And this is the little blurb:

Mr. Rob Pattz tells the publication that he has given up the fight to separate himself from his character Edward Cullen.
"Right at the beginning, everyone just called me Edward. I don't really mind either way. There's something about that character that, for some reason, has sparked an interest in massive degrees in so many different people. If you want to compete with your own character, you have to really fight. I don't know if I could be bothered to fight. I just let it go by."

In no way does his quote even remotely infer he's Edward. It's like any actor that has a recurring character in a movie or TV series. When they are seen out in public, some fans tend call the name of the character. I.E. Frasier, Hannah Montanta, or whomever. But I'm sure Edward is the LAST person Rob would want to be in real life. (aside from the fact he's a VAMPIRE)

Then I came across this headline

Robert Pattinson: ‘Kristen Stewart’s a Liar!’

Huh? Intrigued.. (fyi-I discard by TONS of articles an only pick the ones that I feel are worthy)

ROBERT Pattinson has branded his costar Kristen Stewart a horrible liar — because she keeps claiming she’s the reason the hunky British actor landed his role in Twilight!
Rob — who plays Edward Cullen in the smash hit vampire movie franchise — insists he got the part on his own merits.
“She always says that she pretty much got me the part — though I don’t really believe her!” Rob said.

He has said a BUNCH of times that he wanted to do the part because of Kristen and she really liked him - clearly there was a chemistry between the two - because ta-rust me, if he stunk - they wouldn't have hired him! No way in hell.... millions of dollars in jeopardy because Kristen supposedly said "hire him." C'mon!

Oct 22, 2009

Rob in Rehab??

Thank you so much Peg for sending me this GEM!

Robert Pattinson Needs Rehab

“He loves the dive bar Loose Moose,” a supposed “source” says, “where fights break out in the middle of the day and the nights are wild.”

“On several occasions his clothes have been stained with puke, and his shirt was once buttoned all weird.”

“friends” of the “Twilight” star to say the actor is “drinking to excess and indulging in other dangerous behavior.” ”His people are very worried and starting to think he should go to rehab,” a pal said.

Where do I begin. Shirts stained with puke, shirts buttoned up the wrong way (oh yeah like a shirt buttoned wrong is a sure indication someone needs rehab - please). The actor is drinking to excess.. his friends are worried... Where does this come from? How is it OK to literally make up crap.

Now with this new movie Eclipse being filmed, we have HARDLY seen Rob out and about. You know that if Rob was out partying and PUKING on himself - someone would be clicking cell phone / paparazzi / video something of the event. Which in and of itself is criminal because if that was truly happening he'd need help not exploitation. But that isn't even the case! He goes out occasionally with his cast members to a club or show and has a beer. Anyone ever experience that? Going out with your friends from work for a drink? I mean that's UNHEARD of right?? C'mon - why don't these people think.

Wait wait wait... did I say "why don't these people think?" Saying that implies that these people that make up these stories have a brain.. how silly of me!

Oct 18, 2009

Vampire vs. the wolfman

Thanks for all your patience with my not updating as fast as I should be. I have an 8 month old - and she has a double ear infection and well all you Mom's you know the drill!

This is an interesting article!


It is called:
Vampire vs. the wolfman: Is 'Twilight' star Robert Pattinson jealous of 'New Moon' Tayor Lautner's buzz?

Anyone already giggling?

And the article says:
Could there be something of a feud brewing between Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, co-stars of the much-anticipated “Twilight” sequel “New Moon”?
Official spokesfolks for the stars and the film say there’s nothing to this, but a key production staffer at the “New Moon” set in Vancouver tells me Pattinson is getting ‘‘a little jealous’’ of all the attention his fellow screen bloodsucker Lautner is getting lately.

Does ANYONE really believe this? Rob is being hounded 24/7, no matter where he goes or what he does. If he sneezed there are 50 paparazzi there with a camera (and no tissue). So if Taylor is getting some attention - then I'm sure Rob will be THRILLED to get some of the heat off him. Taylor deserves some attention, he's the lead male role in New Moon. And buffed himself out for it - working his tail off!

Ironically, Pattinson has made it clear — to just about anyone he talks to — how much he hates being the target of all that tabloid fascination with his love life and virtually every other aspect of his daily existence.
Yet my source says Pattinson strikes her as being an example of something she calls “a damned if you do, damned if you don’t” scenario.
‘‘While Rob despises all the paparazzi and crazy magazine stories, he still has the usual actor’s big ego thing going on. He wants his privacy, but he also loves having arrived on the A-list and knows that being in the public eye is part of that.
‘‘If he really wanted to avoid the press, you wouldn’t see him hitting all the hot nightclubs and restaurants in Hollywood or Vancouver. ... He knows that’s where the paparazzi hang out, that’s for sure.’’

This is just annoying. So because the press won't give him a freakin' break, he is supposed to sit in hotel room (which what it seems he does most of the time now, anyway) and go nowhere - have zero fun. God forbid he goes to a "hot nightclub" I mean he's 23 years old, why would he want to do that???

The source also adds that Lautner is a ‘‘total sweetheart, who gets a kick out of all the attention. He loves his fans, he loves this successful rollercoaster he’s on and he’s very fond of Rob, as a colleague and friend.
‘‘He just thinks it’s funny that Rob wants all the fame stuff for him and [‘Twilight’ and ‘New Moon’ co-star] Kristen [Stewart],’’ who the source also says is definitely in a romantic — as well as professional — relationship with Pattinson.

I'm sure Taylor said that. Please... and once again we have the "source" giving us the secret squirrel information. From now on this is the source :

What do you think? hehe spooky enough? or do we need spookier?
Maybe this is 'the source':

Here is your jab Susan :)

Oct 15, 2009

at HOME with Rob and Kristen?

Thank you Colleen for sending this my way!


Check out the new issue of OK! for exclusive photos of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s amazing Vancouver apartment and learn how the Twilight stars — and real-life romancers — spend their private time together, playing guitar, listening to the Rolling Stones and making home-cooked meals. OK!’s the only place for all the intimate details about their life at home.

Is it me or is OK magazine becoming as reliable as the ever so popular National Enquirer. Does anyone REALLY buy this Bull$hit? Really? INSIDE OUR HOME ?? LOL It does make me laugh when I see it because it seems like some Saturday night live skit. It is SO over the top that it seems like that are trying to spoof themselves. I'm not going to buy this magazine because I'm afraid I'll have to set it on fire... But if anyone DOES buy it and feels like sending me some scans of this clearly fictional story - then I would love to comment on that. Really... oy!

Wonder what happened with this....

Guess that fizzled... quick engagement, no?

As always - Leave Rob Alone...

Oct 13, 2009


Hello all!
First off, thank you for coming and reading my blog. I am humbled by the coolest group of people I have that read my ramblings :) .

OK - so I'm looking for feedback.
Anything you would like me to change or add?

Anything you don't like or prefer more of?

Anyone have any ideas on how I can get more exposure?

Sadly, I've been banned from posting on Newmoon.org for some reason - and I have some wonderful affiliates but I don't know if it's because I'm against the more 'stalker-ish' fans and they are mad at me? Not sure! So that's why I need your help! :)

And if you would like to be on the mailing list or want to email me directly - please feel free!

Ok enough about that

Everyone that is connected to the Twilight movies is asked "So, are Kristen and Rob dating?"

Is it me, or wouldn't you feel stupid asking that question? Course I could never follow and run after them screaming and taking pictures.... once again, I'd feel like a Loser .

Oct 11, 2009

New Moon - Interviews & Rob

With the release of New Moon roughly 5 weeks away I suspect there will be more outrageous stories, accusations, and gossip being tossed around to keep the hype up (as if it's really needed).

It will be interesting to see if Taylor gets the attention he will deserve for this movie since he is the lead for New Moon. Rob Pattinson is far from greedy when it come to the lime light. I actually think he would much rather NOT have this constant flow of attention 24/7. Like I've said before - Eclipse seems to have much better security or whatever it is they are doing to keep the cast safe and secluded. Which is good for Rob and the other cast members, yet at the same time - they must feel like hostages with all anonymity gone.

To the devil's advocates, I do understand that with fame comes (to a large extent) a huge lack of privacy. But in the same respect, I do believe that there is a limit (or should be) to this invasion.

The fans can be a tad nutty - but what I find worse by leaps and bounds is the paparazzi that literally have no boundaries.
They will chase, follow, scream, spy, etc., just to get a picture to sell. The fans are doing it out of a bizarre sense of love they have for Edward that in turn channels to Rob. Even though I do NOT condone grabbing, stalking or anything of that nature. But the paparazzi are SOLELY in it fore the money.

Last year because they (meaning the Twilight peeps) didn't realize the explosion it would cause meant they had to do promotional gigs up the wazoo! Interviews, after interviews after guest appearances etc. With the success of it and the enormous success of Rob Pattinson - I do not feel that they need to do the same amount of promo.

“When the second one comes out, then I’ll see how I am. Mostly I can ignore things to quite a big extent and kind of pretend they’re not really happening,” he says, sounding eerily calm.

“I just don’t take any of it seriously. It’s just a job and while it’s a job I love, girls scream out for Edward, not Robert. I still can’t get a date.” . .

(which, regarding his inability to find a date, I think is probably a slight exaggeration)

An interesting sidenote:
What I find odd - and unnecessary is this next little blurb from the article.
Pattinson chain-smokes during the interview. About halfway through, he runs out of cigarettes. He decides to pop out into the hallway to see whether he can "bum" one from a passing hotel guest. When the French hotel staff, who are normally cool, calm and collected, lay eyes on him, they turn into an adoring mass of autograph-seeking fans. Pattinson has to make a quick dash back to the safety of the room. He's clearly unnerved by the run-in.

I don't see that with all interviews, do you? Why is it of any importance that he is chain smoking. It's sad enough that he does it - why emphasize it? Shock value, to find some faults with him and point them out? Not sure why it is at all important to the story.

And see? Here I look for cool graphics all the time - and look....

Apparently it is important that he smokes.

ROB please, quit. Yucky.

Oct 7, 2009

A documentary... oh boy

So the internet is a flame with this documentary being put together about Rob Pattinson. As if his life isn't documented enough - this new documentary "Robsessed," (appropriately named) which - what a cooinkadink - comes out a week before New Moon! Strange huh?

Blurb from article:
The documentary offers what is promised to be "an all-access guide to this world's biggest, hottest new star". It will provide an inside look into the world of the 23-year-old, tracing his path from a young schoolboy to his early modeling and acting jobs, all the way through to landing his "Twilight Saga" role. "Teenagers just can't get enough of Robert Pattinson and this broadcast quality biography is guaranteed to deliver whether on TV or home entertainment," Revolver's chief executive Justin Marciano stated when talking about the snapping of the rights, as quoted by Screen Daily.

As if there isn't enough tabloid trash on him daily floating around the internet, magazine covers, some fansites that are a bit...

But now we have the ultimate stalkerish video that makes sure that if we haven't covered
EVERY SLICE private life - let's make sure we do it now. Let's expose every little piece of his life, making sure to focus on his mistakes, embarrassing situations, and humanity because that's what people like right? Like to rip apart a celeb - makes them feel better about themselves knowing that the celeb isn't perfect. Although, I'm pretty sure most celebs don't claim to be perfect - it's just the label and pedestal we place on them. Many celebs are constantly saying that they are just normal people.

Thoughts? What do you think of the new DVD coming out?

Oct 5, 2009

Run Pattinson Run!!

I don't even know where to start with my sadness over this video. Apparently Rob and Kristen when out to dinner this weekend (God forbid) and because they can't (more so Rob) MOVE without the fu-reakin' paparazzi swooping in like vultures they walk out of the restaurant with a million flashes going off.. then OF COURSE... they get to whatever hotel they are staying at to even MORE of these people video taping them RUNNING into their hotel to the elevators. All the while saying "sorry guys."
Sorry? SORRY!?
Shut the EFF up - you know you aren't sorry for chasing these poor kids.

It's appauling. I'm telling you at some point Rob is going to lose his mind (and Kristen too for that matter).

Oct 2, 2009

Caught in the act - Rob Pattinson?

An article I was sent (thanks Jill!) that's so funny.

Caught in the Act is the article that is very confusing to me.
Blurb from Article:

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, hanging out at a private party at Players Chophouse, a restaurant in Vancouver. "Rob and Kristen stayed pretty close together throughout the night, often going outside to chat with other guests they seemed to know," a source tells us. The couple mingled with Twilight costars like Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene and checked out the night's musical entertainment courtesy of costar Jackson Rathbone's band 100 Monkeys. A few days later, Pattinson and Stewart grabbed dinner with friends at ********. "Rob and Kristen were seated beside each other and very close all night," said an onlooker.

Caught in the Act? Act of what? I mean 'tis true I suppose they might have been sitting next to each other - I guess it's true, that does tell a lot about a person. Sitting next to each other the next logical step says marriage, sex, scandal? Right? My God.. if they spoke to each other that must mean they are having a love child!

So much talk about how Rob is a prisoner and can't leave the hotel. I'm sure that's true to an extent. As we all know the second he walks on public property he is photographed 1000 times walking, drinking, smoking, or whatever it is he is doing at that moment. Clearly this set is much different than New Moon because with New Moon - there were SO many pictures that you could almost watch the movie via the pictures. But with Eclipse - clearly way more private and 'lens off!'

For example when he does go out in public this happens:

Screaming, grabbing, and look at his face. Not sure I'd want a picture of him with me looking .. almost defeated, no?

I'm telling you - if this guy doesn't get some peace and some ... well...semblance of normalcy,
he's going to go...
Crazy 1