Oct 15, 2009

at HOME with Rob and Kristen?

Thank you Colleen for sending this my way!


Check out the new issue of OK! for exclusive photos of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s amazing Vancouver apartment and learn how the Twilight stars — and real-life romancers — spend their private time together, playing guitar, listening to the Rolling Stones and making home-cooked meals. OK!’s the only place for all the intimate details about their life at home.

Is it me or is OK magazine becoming as reliable as the ever so popular National Enquirer. Does anyone REALLY buy this Bull$hit? Really? INSIDE OUR HOME ?? LOL It does make me laugh when I see it because it seems like some Saturday night live skit. It is SO over the top that it seems like that are trying to spoof themselves. I'm not going to buy this magazine because I'm afraid I'll have to set it on fire... But if anyone DOES buy it and feels like sending me some scans of this clearly fictional story - then I would love to comment on that. Really... oy!

Wonder what happened with this....

Guess that fizzled... quick engagement, no?

As always - Leave Rob Alone...