Oct 11, 2009

New Moon - Interviews & Rob

With the release of New Moon roughly 5 weeks away I suspect there will be more outrageous stories, accusations, and gossip being tossed around to keep the hype up (as if it's really needed).

It will be interesting to see if Taylor gets the attention he will deserve for this movie since he is the lead for New Moon. Rob Pattinson is far from greedy when it come to the lime light. I actually think he would much rather NOT have this constant flow of attention 24/7. Like I've said before - Eclipse seems to have much better security or whatever it is they are doing to keep the cast safe and secluded. Which is good for Rob and the other cast members, yet at the same time - they must feel like hostages with all anonymity gone.

To the devil's advocates, I do understand that with fame comes (to a large extent) a huge lack of privacy. But in the same respect, I do believe that there is a limit (or should be) to this invasion.

The fans can be a tad nutty - but what I find worse by leaps and bounds is the paparazzi that literally have no boundaries.
They will chase, follow, scream, spy, etc., just to get a picture to sell. The fans are doing it out of a bizarre sense of love they have for Edward that in turn channels to Rob. Even though I do NOT condone grabbing, stalking or anything of that nature. But the paparazzi are SOLELY in it fore the money.

Last year because they (meaning the Twilight peeps) didn't realize the explosion it would cause meant they had to do promotional gigs up the wazoo! Interviews, after interviews after guest appearances etc. With the success of it and the enormous success of Rob Pattinson - I do not feel that they need to do the same amount of promo.

“When the second one comes out, then I’ll see how I am. Mostly I can ignore things to quite a big extent and kind of pretend they’re not really happening,” he says, sounding eerily calm.

“I just don’t take any of it seriously. It’s just a job and while it’s a job I love, girls scream out for Edward, not Robert. I still can’t get a date.” . .

(which, regarding his inability to find a date, I think is probably a slight exaggeration)

An interesting sidenote:
What I find odd - and unnecessary is this next little blurb from the article.
Pattinson chain-smokes during the interview. About halfway through, he runs out of cigarettes. He decides to pop out into the hallway to see whether he can "bum" one from a passing hotel guest. When the French hotel staff, who are normally cool, calm and collected, lay eyes on him, they turn into an adoring mass of autograph-seeking fans. Pattinson has to make a quick dash back to the safety of the room. He's clearly unnerved by the run-in.

I don't see that with all interviews, do you? Why is it of any importance that he is chain smoking. It's sad enough that he does it - why emphasize it? Shock value, to find some faults with him and point them out? Not sure why it is at all important to the story.

And see? Here I look for cool graphics all the time - and look....

Apparently it is important that he smokes.

ROB please, quit. Yucky.