Oct 22, 2009

Rob in Rehab??

Thank you so much Peg for sending me this GEM!

Robert Pattinson Needs Rehab

“He loves the dive bar Loose Moose,” a supposed “source” says, “where fights break out in the middle of the day and the nights are wild.”

“On several occasions his clothes have been stained with puke, and his shirt was once buttoned all weird.”

“friends” of the “Twilight” star to say the actor is “drinking to excess and indulging in other dangerous behavior.” ”His people are very worried and starting to think he should go to rehab,” a pal said.

Where do I begin. Shirts stained with puke, shirts buttoned up the wrong way (oh yeah like a shirt buttoned wrong is a sure indication someone needs rehab - please). The actor is drinking to excess.. his friends are worried... Where does this come from? How is it OK to literally make up crap.

Now with this new movie Eclipse being filmed, we have HARDLY seen Rob out and about. You know that if Rob was out partying and PUKING on himself - someone would be clicking cell phone / paparazzi / video something of the event. Which in and of itself is criminal because if that was truly happening he'd need help not exploitation. But that isn't even the case! He goes out occasionally with his cast members to a club or show and has a beer. Anyone ever experience that? Going out with your friends from work for a drink? I mean that's UNHEARD of right?? C'mon - why don't these people think.

Wait wait wait... did I say "why don't these people think?" Saying that implies that these people that make up these stories have a brain.. how silly of me!