Nov 18, 2009

Kristen - Rob - Stories, Hospitals & Ryan Seacrest

ok let me start off by saying this will take me a while to type - I broke my finger in Sunday so it is hard to type - argh

Thanks to Colleen I have more article to comment on.. first one is by OK magazine (big surprise)

In OK!’s official New Moon collector’s edition, check out the cast’s promotional trip through Europe. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart greet fans in the most romantic cities, celebrating their love publicly for the first time. Read on to get a timeline of their love story – including photos of the two meeting each other’s parents and holding hands in Paris.

Robert Pattinson Poster Causes Hospitalization?!

Yep, things got a little crazy among 300 fans who had won tickets to London's world premiere of Robsessed, the documentary about, who else, Rob. Free posters were being passed out to fans and when it came down to the last poster, it became extremely brutal between two girls. An eyewitness said:

A massive fight broke out between two girls over the last poster. There was a lot of pushing and shoving, everyone was crowding around them. I heard gasps as one of the girls fell on the floor, she was in terrible pain and had twisted her arm — she was screaming for help. The poster had been ripped in two.

The girl was so badly hurt that she had to be taken to the hospital and missed the premiere!

Girls will do ANYTHING to get a piece of Rob!

Yes, of course lets make this a big deal.. It's the girls who should feel like idiots, nothing to do with Rob. I feel bad for the girl that got hurt, the 2 fighting should have been arrested to teach them a lesson.

And lastly, Ryan Seacrest irks the heck out of me. I find him conceited and pompous - well this interview proves me right. All the tabloids being sneaky, and tacky doesn't surprise me - but for him to ask Rob about him and Kristen = cheesy and classless.