Nov 13, 2009

Robert Pattinson May Quit if He Can’t Handle Fame

New article - from our every so reliable OK magazine (this time the British version).

Robert Pattinson May Quit if He Can’t Handle Fame

This is very odd - because the article contradicts the title.
(Thanks Colleen!!)


Robert Pattinson isn’t a fan of fame as of just yet, speaking candidly to OK! sister mag in England about he’ll quit if he can’t handle the spotlight. Say it ain’t so, R-Pattz!

Rob spoke with the British OK! during his visit to London and opened up about his struggle with life in the spotlight.

“I was kind of trapped while filming Eclipse, but there’s always ways and there’s always places where you can disappear to,” R-Pattz explained to OK! UK.
“It just involves a bit more thought and you can’t wander around willy-nilly.”

Rob is only 23, but is easily the hottest actor on the planet since becoming Edward Cullen.
But when he spoke to OK! UK he hinted that acting might not be his thing anymore if he can’t learn to deal with the life in the spotlight.

“If I’m still stuck in a hotel room in 10 years time and I haven’t figured out another way to deal with it, then I would be annoyed,” he explains.”
“I don’t really think about [fame]. I just want to see what it’s really like in two to three years.”

Not even REMOTELY does that HINT that he would quit acting, c'mon! He jokes - CLEARLY jokes that if he's stuck in a hotel in 10 years he will be "annoyed" .. which um yeah so would I, but I don't think that will be the case in 10 years. But that's not even the point! He mentions fame is difficult but please oh please will someone tell me WHERE it says 'MAY QUIT' ????

Maybe it's written in code... we need a secret color light and map to figure it out!