Nov 29, 2009

Robert Pattinson Taking 'Twilight' To Small Screen

So this is humorous....

Rob is in negotiations to bring Twilight to TV and star in it.....????

A TV spin-off on hit movie ‘Twilight’ is said to be in the pipeline with Robert Pattinson taking his vampire character Edward Cullen to the small screen.

The actor is rumoured to have been in negotiations with executives at production firm Summit Entertainment with regard to the TV project, reports

Pattinson stands to make $1.5 million per episode if reports about his involvement with the show are true.

The TV spin-off, planned to cash in on the success of "Twilight", is expected to be launched in 2010.

Does ANYone believe this? Hasn't there been a bunch of interviews where Rob has said he is deliberately taking different roles so as to NOT pigeon hole him into playing Edward for the rest of his life?

Update 11/30
FYI - I've gotten a BUNCH of emails about this same thing, different articles talking about him bringing it to TV. I'm one of the first ones to report on this (albeit, I'm talking about what a bit fat lie it is! haha)